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The Bottle-Dash Stucco Mystery Bottle-dash stucco, also known as sparkle stucco or bottle stucco, is a rare form of stucco that can typically only be found in the Pacific-Northwest region, especially the Greater Vancouver region. Due to this rarity, it can be hard to find people knowledgeable on how to mend and work with the Read more

This is the story of Jaclyn Colville, the interior stylist who chose Spray-Net to transform the outside of her home. You might have heard of Jaclyn Colville before. With over 6,000 followers on Twitter and almost 3,000 fans on Facebook and Instagram, she is not your average homeowner. As a current TV host and interior stylist for Karin Read more

Behind the Scenes: What was Revamped? Why? How much did it cost? We answer it all!  Many of you have asked us for more information about this head-to-toe transformation: what was revamped? Where is the house located? How much did it cost? Etc. We thought it would be fun to reach out directly to Kelly, Read more