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  The questions we get most often from potential customers are, “what’s the price for Spray-Net to paint my home?” often followed by, “how much does it cost per square foot?” The truth is, that’s not a simple, clear-cut question to answer. There are so many variables involved in revamping your home and each one Read more

  With over 7000 exterior revamps under our belts, it’s safe to say we can easily spot an outdated exterior when we see one. Sure, some classics live forever, but most fads that were “in” decades ago are making your home look old and reminiscent of the decade it was constructed in. And just like Read more

Whether you’re shopping for a professional exterior painting contractor to paint your home or the best exterior paint to do-it-yourself, a major concern for homeowners is the painting warranty. What happens if the paint peels? If it blisters? If the finish is uneven and streaky? If you own a home, you know you’re always spending Read more