Meet Bonnie, Our 2017 Revamp Of Your Dreams Winner


A Nationwide Contest

Every year, Spray-Net organizes a nationwide contest where participants can win the revamp of their dreams. Last year, the winner of our contest came from Edmonton, AB. This year? We got to visit the Prairies: welcome to Saskatoon, SK! Given the popularity of stucco in the region, it is no surprise that the winner’s home was covered by the same material. Chances are if you live around there or in Western Canada, you too have stucco siding. And it is likely that you are facing some of the same issues, such as stucco cracks.

If you think your stucco is beyond repair, you might want to read Bonnie’s story!

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The 2017 Winner

Bonnie could be your mother. She could be mine. Her children are now adults and have left the nest many years ago. Her house was built in 1976, and like many others in Saskatoon, she opted for stucco siding. The timeless material has the reputation of being sturdy and long-lasting, which – considering how chilly it can get in the winter in the Prairies – makes a lot of sense. Despite its durability, however, stucco is not invincible. Regular wear-and-tear means hairline cracks, and unfortunately, it gets worse with time. The good news for Bonnie: it wasn’t too late.

The House

After over 40 harsh winters, the stucco siding was starting to show heavy signs of fatigue: cracking, and even pieces falling off. Bonnie had been thinking about renovating her house for a while but thought replacing her stucco was the only solution. After doing some extensive research for the perfect contractor, she realized that most of them were just not interested in doing anything with old stucco. She was ready to give up, until she came across an ad for Spray-Net on her Facebook feed. She clicked the link and started to look further into it. She thought to herself: “maybe there is a solution after all!” Bonnie then decided to book a free consultation with Cari and Don from Spray-Net Saskatoon, she figured she had nothing to lose. The two local specialists explained to her how the weather-adjustable elastomeric coating could not only fix the stucco cracks, but also reinforce the overall structure by preventing future water damage and infiltration. She was sold.

Bonnie's house before the transformation

The Contest

Shortly after booking her project, Bonnie received an email from Cari telling her about the Revamp of Your Dreams Contest. By entering, she could win a free transformation. She didn’t really bother with it: “With all the people entering the contest in Canada, my chances were pretty slim.” A week later, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to fill out the form. And so she did, without expecting much. She actually forgot about it… until she heard someone ringing the doorbell. Bonnie wasn’t expecting company, and when she opened the door, Cari and Don were standing there with some balloons and a cake. After a brief moment of confusion, she was told she had won the contest. She couldn’t believe it: “I’m finally going to get my house transformed!”

stucco transformation

The Transformation

“During the process, Cam and his crew were amazing” Bonnie recalls, “They were very professional and put up with all my questions”. Every now and then, her dog would come get some attention from the workers, and they were more than happy to comply: a little scratch on the ears or a little pat on the head and back to work… Now that’s a dream job! “When it was finished, there was nothing left behind,” she says, “everything was cleaned up and taken with them”. Bonnie loved the transformation: “The end result was more than I had hoped for,” and she wasn’t the only one: “I have received so many compliments on the revamp and the color choice!”

stucco transformation after

Spray-Net, as seen by Bonnie

“I would totally recommend Spray-Net to anyone interested in transforming their home. I must add that Cari and Don are the reason I went with Spray-Net. The company already had my interest, but they were the true selling point. They are an amazing couple and go far beyond to make sure the customer is well informed and confident, with absolutely no pressure to sign.”

A last word? “Thank you, Spray-Net, for the beautiful transformation!”

When’s the next contest?

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