7. Cross-Linking Technology


A resilient, factory-hard finish you can safely wash season after season.

The ability of a paint to adhere to a surface & fight the elements depends on how well its polymer chains are linked. When those chains are weak, the elements start to break down the paint film, causing paint failures like chalking and premature fading.

Our coating for siding is formulated with crosslinking technology, which boosts the entanglement of the polymer chains to create a tight microscopic bond. The result? A smooth, factory-hard finish that resists peeling, chalking, fading, abrasion & even washing with chemical detergents.



A finish with phenomenal hiding power that
looks brand-new.

The gloss of our exterior paint for siding looks just like an original manufacturer’s finish. It strikes the perfect balance of aesthetics & practicality: just enough shine that makes your siding look brand-new while minimizing the appearance of surface imperfections. Just what your aged and weathered siding ordered!



A paint for siding with no fillers.
Just protection.

Not only is our paint for aluminum, fiber cement and engineered wood thicker than conventional latex paint when wet, it also dries to a thicker dry film with no fillers. This means after the water in the paint has evaporated, only high-quality resins, additives and pigments are left behind to protect your siding. A more resilient paint film means increased protection against chalking for aluminum, efflorescence for fiber cement and blistering for engineered wood.



Powdered siding? Not a problem for our coating.

Before spraying on our paint for siding, we power wash the surface to remove built-up powder. If small traces of powder remain on the surface, built-in adhesion promoters go to work and fiercely grip onto the surface, resulting in a finish that won’t peel or chip.

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Our most popular siding paint colour

With hints of both beige and grey, Storm is perfect for homeowners who want the best of both worlds.

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