Q&A with Kelly, Owner of the Most Popular Spray-Net Transformation


Behind the Scenes: What was Revamped? Why? How much did it cost? We answer it all! 

Many of you have asked us for more information about this head-to-toe transformation: what was revamped? Where is the house located? How much did it cost? Etc.

We thought it would be fun to reach out directly to Kelly, the infamous homeowner herself, and to the local Spray-Net franchisee who oversaw the project to give you the extra details you’re looking for!

Introducing Kelly, owner of the most popular Spray-Net transformation… ever.

most popular spray-net transformation in calgary

Spray-Net: Tell us about yourself:  where do you live? What do you do for a living?
Kelly: My husband and I were born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. and both of us work for ENMAX, an electric services company.

SN: How did you initially hear about Spray-Net?
K: We first heard about Spray-Net from a brochure that was delivered to our mailbox at our house.

SN: Why did you contact Spray-Net? What was the reason for your revamp?
K: From the day we purchased our home, we didn’t like the outside 1970’s look and color.  We wanted to consider all our options before remodeling the outside of our unattractive house, and keep our cost within our renovation budget.

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Spray-Net: Did you also look into replacing the surfaces you wanted to revamp?
Kelly: We considered replacing our aluminum siding with Hardie Board or Stucco, but it was too costly.

SN: What convinced you to work with Spray-Net? What stood out to you about our service?
K: When we first met up with the Spray-Net rep in Calgary, Dave Martin, at our home, there was no pressure in just getting a quote. Dave explained how the Spray-Net product works on the siding and brick, plus the variety of modern colors that are offered. We were sold.

SN: What impressed you most about your Spray-Net experience?
K: I found Dave and Younes, the team lead, and the crew to be extremely professional in all their dealing with us, plus we were very pleased with the overall “personal touch” experience.

SN: How long did the revamp take to complete?
K: At first, we were told the revamp would take only a couple of days. We ended up with rainy weather that set the crew back about a week. However, Dave was in full contact with us every step of the way.

SN: What do you have to say about the final transformation of your home?
K: Spray-Net has transformed our ugly house into a modern updated home, which I can be proud to come home to at half the cost of replacing the siding.

SN: Did any of your neighbours take notice? Did you receive any compliments?
K: Absolutely! My neighbours were curious on the Spray-Net process and complimented our house and how beautiful it turned out at the end.

SN: Would you recommend Spray-Net to your family and friends? If so, why?
K: We transformed our home just over a year ago, and still get comments on “How they can’t believe it’s the same home” I would not hesitate to recommend Dave and his crew from Spray Net, and their first-class service.

before and after, transformation in Calgary

Some background information on the project by Dave Martin, from Spray-Net Calgary

  • How old was the house? 1970’s
  • In what state was the surface? Faded and discolored
  • What did you revamp? Siding (on all 4 sides), brick, all windows, front & garage doors, as well as soffits
  • How much did it cost? $15,000, which covered every aspect of the project: surface preparation, masking & protecting all surfaces, paint application and our 15-year warranty against peeling.
  • On average, how much can people expect to save when revamping their home with Spray-Net Calgary instead of replacing?  Depending on the surface, people will save anywhere from 50% to 66%.

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