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Your fiber cement is premium, but still needs painting.

Fiber cement is incredibly durable and is one of the most expensive types of siding. While it requires very little maintenance, it is porous and can still absorb water. The best way to maintain your investment and prevent replacement is to waterproof your fiber cement with a high-performance paint for siding.

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Different factors can cause fading around the 10-year mark.

The best exterior coatings are engineered to fight the sun’s UV rays and prevent the signs of fading better than conventional latex paints. Even when it comes to your high-end fiber cement and it’s baked-on top coat, there are several factors that can eventually lead to fading.

  • Intensity & duration of sun exposure: If one side of your house is completely exposed to the sun when it’s at its peak, you can expect this side of your house to fade quicker than the others.
  • Colour: Darker colours absorb more light and reflect less, which is why they tend to fade faster.
  • Chemistry: Resins “hug” and encapsulate pigments to protect them from direct exposure to the sun. The resin-to-pigment ratio of a paint will therefore impact how quick it will fade. Resins are the most expensive components in paint, so cheaper paints will typically contain less resins in order to sell the paint at a price point that makes sense for the consumer. Less resins mean unprotected pigments and more fading. 
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Protect your fiber cement from efflorescence.

Efflorescence is the migration of salt deposits to the surface of a cement-based siding. When moisture tries to escape the siding during evaporation, it grabs the natural salts and minerals in the substrate and drops them onto the surface, leaving behind a white, powdery substance.  Our paint for siding creates a tight molecular, cross-linked bond that repels water and moisture to fight efflorescence and keeps your siding looking brand-new, for longer.

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Here’s one of our favorite fiber cement transformations!

From beige to blue in just one day.

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