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Meet the Spray-Network,
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People can forget the details. The Spray-Network won't.

Whether it’s to calculate the price of your project or to adjust paint formulation on-site,
the Spray-Network spares no detail when it comes to your renovation.

Algorithmic Quoting

An accurate (and transparent) price for your project, every time.

We use the Spray-Network to calculate an exact price for your project. Based on data we’ve compiled in quoting thousands of homes, our pricing algorithm makes sure we’re covering all (and we mean all) the possible variables that go into calculating your painting quote. By walking us through the quote step-by-step on our tablet, the Spray-Network makes sure nothing is left out, which means no surprises once we get on-site and most importantly, no arbitrary pricing.

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Precision Paint Calculation

No paint surprises once we’re on site.

Once the Spray-Network knows the in’s-and-out’s of your project, it calculates the quantity and type of paint needed for your project. This means we’re equipped with what we need to get the job done properly and on time.

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By weather-adjusting, we can paint more often, & for a better finish.

When it comes to exterior painting, the stars practically have to align for the weather conditions needed to achieve optimal film formation and long lasting results. When on-site, the Spray-Networks calculates real-time weather conditions and tells our painters exactly how to adjust the paint formulation in order to achieve an optimal, factory-finish given the conditions of the day. This means compared to conventional latex paint, our coatings can be optimally applied and cured on more days.

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Colour Matching Assistance

A perfect paint and caulking combo, guaranteed.

Whether we’re painting garage doors or siding, we always finish the job by applying new caulking. And it’s important that your new caulking matches your new paint job. When you pick your paint colours, the Spray-Network automatically determines the colour-matching caulking, making sure your home looks flawlessly put together.

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Transparent Pricing

A methodical quoting method
means a paint quote
you can trust.

Data-Driven Renovation

By gathering data from across
our franchise network, we can
continuously optimize our
products & services.

Less Paper

By emailing you a copy of your
quote & contract, the Spray-Network
helps reduce our company’s
paper footprint.

"The mission of the Spray-Network is to deliver a reliable renovation homeowners can feel good about."


Carmelo Marsala

Spray-Net Founder & CEO

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