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How Much Does it Cost to Spray-Net My Home? How We Determine the Price of a Painting Project


The questions we get most often from potential customers are, “what’s the price for Spray-Net to paint my home?” often followed by, “how much does it cost per square foot?” The truth is, that’s not a simple, clear-cut question to answer. There are so many variables involved in revamping your home and each one will impact the price. To provide you with a fixed price and avoid unnecessary surprises during your renovation, we created a proprietary pricing algorithm and built it into our software, The Spray-Network. This allows us to provide all of our customers with a fair and accurate price, every time. To show you how it works, we’ve outlined the main factors that go into calculating the price for a Spray-Net project.

But first, what’s the Spray-Network and a proprietary algorithm?
Thanks to a small handful of shady contractors out there, we renovation contractors can sometimes get a bad rep when it comes to providing homeowners with prices for their projects. You’re probably not alone if you’ve received a renovation quote and thought, “is that discount really a discount, or did they just up the price from the get-go?” To prevent our customers from ever having to ask themselves such questions, we built the Spray-Network!

The Spray-Network is the software we custom-built for every aspect of our business, especially providing homeowners with accurate quotes they can trust. It creates a standardized, methodical workflow to obtain a price for a project. No veering off-course or taking a DIY-approach to quoting. And this workflow is based on our proprietary pricing algorithm. An algorithm is a fancy word for a set of rules used to calculate or solve something. We determined these rules by analyzing a subset of our bank of over 5000 consumer contracts and mapping out our pricing process from A to Z, identifying all of the possible variables (big or small) that could affect the price of a project (outlined below). How many walls are we painting? Does your home have peaks? Dormers? Trim? You name it, the Spray-Network considers everything. The result? A fair, transparent and accurate price for every project with no detail left out and most importantly, no surprise costs once we’re on-site.

The 7 Factors that determine the price of a Spray-Net revamp:

  1. Masking: Some walls require almost no masking at all, while others have multiple things on them, like doors and windows, that must be masked and protected. Some surfaces are also just more intricate to mask. Since masking is actually the longest part of the job, this variable is one of the most important when calculating price. You probably thought square footage, huh?
  2. Accessibility: Masking and spraying a wall or window on the second floor of a two-storey house is naturally more difficult and time consuming than, let’s say, working on a bungalow at ground-level. Then, there are obstacles like solariums that also affect the accessibility of a surface and make it slightly more complex for us to set-up to paint. As a result, more time is allocated for hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Surface Type: Each one of our coatings is custom-formulated for a specific exterior surface. Given each surface has different characteristics, the thickness and properties of each product vary (along with the spray equipment needed for application and the preparation process). For example, a thick elastomeric coating for stucco will take slightly longer to apply than a thinner coating for doors and windows. An important advantage of our surface-tailored approach is that it allows us to offer a cost-effective solution. Contrary to the multi-coat, super-paint system which uses the same expensive product on all surfaces, our hyper-customized approach ensures that you only pay for the coating ingredients your surface actually needs. It also ensures that each coating does one specific job… and does it well. Stucco needs flexibility and aluminum siding needs hardness. How can one coating do both properly?
  4. Repairs: We change damaged aluminum and vinyl planks, fill hairline cracks in stucco and repair dents on doors and siding. The more repairs there are, the longer it takes us to prepare the job for the revamp.
  5. Caulking: We always replace caulking when revamping your home to not only match your new paint color, but to ensure proper adhesion of our coating. As a rule of thumb, old caulking takes much longer to remove.
  6. Number of Colors: Are we going with a two-tone color revamp? This option is really popular and looks amazing, but we have to double mask. This means we spray on the first color, give it time to cure and then re-mask to be able to spray the second color. Given that masking is the longest part of the job, this again affects the price of a job.
  7. Size: This one might seem like the most obvious, but it’s surprisingly not the most impactful factor for calculating a price for a project, which is why we try not to provide prices over the phone based on square-footage alone. A large surface with little masking will be much cheaper per square foot then a small surface with lots of masking. If you watch us paint your home from start to finish, you’ll see that masking and unmasking (and not the actual spraying) is the longest part of the job.

Like Google, we totally get that you want instant answers- especially when it comes to renovating your home, since you’re most likely evaluating different options and getting a bunch of quotes from different contractors. But, when it comes to a project as intricate as painting the exterior of your home, providing you with a price over the phone based on size alone and without properly evaluating all of the above factors can end up being misleading. And our goal is to avoid surprises when it comes to renovating (not creating them), why is why we offer all homeowners a free-at home consultation to get a price for their project. And while you might have to schedule some time to meet with us, at least the Spray-Network is pretty quick at calculating the price for your project once we get there!

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