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Painting Windows Black: The Affordable Way to Add Style to Your Home

Dark colors are a wardrobe staple. They’re classically chic and tend to look newer much longer than light colors. The same is true for your home’s exterior and exterior paint colors. If you’re looking to give your dated exterior a more modern look without taking on a large exterior reno, painting windows black is a simple solution! When it comes to painting aluminum and vinyl windows, black is hands-down our most popular color. Here are 4 reasons why painting windows black is here to stay and why BLACK is the new black:

1. It’ll give you big bang for the buck

When you spend money on an exterior renovation, you want that change to show. While simply painting windows and doors is one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade the look of your home, opting for black provides a drastic change that’ll easily get noticed from the curb, making the paint job all the more worthwhile! Although it may be tempting to select bold “out there” colors to make your home stand out, it doesn’t take long to grow bored of them. Black will never go out of style, which is important for two reasons: 1) your home will always look on trend and 2) if you’re repainting down the line because you don’t like the color, your project is no longer cost-effective.


2. You actually don’t have to worry about warping

A common concern when it comes to painting windows in dark colors like black is warping. Warping is when a surface distorts out of shape due to the effects of heat and moisture exposure. Windows traditionally come in light colors like white because of their high LRV or “light reflective value.” This means they deflect UV rays and ward off heat build-up more than dark colors. Thanks to the newest technologies in solar-reflective pigments, there’s no reason to get discouraged! Painting windows in black is absolutely possible, given you select the right paint formulated with the right materials. Our exterior paint for windows is specifically formulated for application on aluminum and vinyl windows. We formulate our coating using advanced solar-reflective inorganic pigments, increasing the coating’s ability to deflect UV rays and prevent excessive heat build-up and resulting warping. Read more about our exterior paint for doors and windows.


3. It’s low maintenance

White attracts and shows dirt much more than dark colors, and the same is true when you paint your windows. Painting windows black will make your windows look fresh and clean for longer and requires hardly any maintenance. Here’s an insider tip too: painting windows black is a smart way to hide any nicks and scratches.


4. It looks good with anything

Painting windows black looks good with practically any and all exterior paint colors. If you’re a little unsure about putting together an exterior color scheme, then painting windows black is definitely a safe but stylish choice. Light brick, stone or siding paired with white windows can make a home look on the washed-out side. Painting your windows in a darker hue will add contrast and dimension, and will make your home stand out from others on the block. And if you have a darker colored home, fear not! Black against classic dark red brick is a timeless combo that gives off a city-chic feel. Black windows are also the perfect accent against grey stucco. In short: ANY home can look superb with black – you just can’t go wrong!


Go bold and paint your windows black
Painting your windows black is sure-fire way to boost your home’s curb appeal- especially if you’re on a budget. Once you see the power black windows can have on changing the look of your home, you’ll find yourself wanting to tie the whole look together with matching black doors, soffits, fascias, and gutters. Black is not just a hot trend. It’s a neutral exterior paint color that highlights your home’s best features and will never go out of style. If you feel that black is not the right shade for your home, you can still enhance curb appeal with dark greys or navy blues. These tones will contrast light backdrops and still provide the modern facelift you’re looking for.

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