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Why can Spray-Net make better paint than the big paint manufacturers?

Why can Spray-Net make better paint than the big paint manufacturers?  

In a world where things often sound too good to be true, this is a common (and fair) question! Let’s explore the top 5 reasons why we’re able to truly deliver on this promise and formulate paint that we believe outperforms paint formulated by big paint manufacturers:

1. We can prioritize quality over cost:

The first and most important reason is the fact that our paint is formulated for maximum durability and optimal on-site application, not bulk manufacturing. We are not in the business of selling paint to consumers. We’re in the business of increasing property value by refinishing existing surfaces. Because we formulate and apply our coatings, we have more leeway on the most important constraint when formulating: cost. Labor makes up the bulk of the expense when hiring professional painters. By removing this from the equation, we don’t have to cost cut and compromise on the quality of our coatings. Finally, since we don’t sell our product, we eliminate the middlemen in the paint retail supply chain and instead, transfer that value to consumers in the form of a refinishing service that offers a real alternative to replacement. 

2. We continuously test novel chemistries:

We’re constantly testing new coating additives, resins, and blends to optimize our formulas; and testing novel chemistries to find that diamond in the rough. We not only dedicate the internal resources to do so but are agile enough to update our formulas quickly. Just like an upgrade on your smartphone. The big guys have way more inventory and can’t be as agile as a result. Also, things move a lot slower in bigger companies and often time the mentality is, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We are big enough to be able to dedicate the resources to continuously optimize our formulations and small enough to remain agile to make upgrades quickly!

3. We go from formulation to application:

Paint manufacturers sell to contractors and while they get feedback, it’s sparse and often fragmented. We have the benefit of being both the formulator and the applicator, so we know exactly what it takes to deliver a factory quality finish in the field. We’re in constant contact with our field technicians, creating a continuous feedback loop that allows us to continuously enhance and optimize our coatings.

4. Our patented process provides control over the uncontrollable:

While often overlooked, proper dry time is one of the most important variables that influences whether a paint finish will last. Ever buy a gallon of paint and notice all the weather-related restrictions in the fine print? That’s because of dry time and the issues it poses when painting, especially outdoors. We know this all too well and worked our way around it by developing a patented process. Knowing exactly what’s in our paint, we formulate custom additives to either slow down or speed up coating dry time. Combined with our algorithm that lets our field technicians know how much of the additives to use on-site, we’re able to maintain a certain level of control over dry time. This allows us to deliver a factory quality durability to our customers with each project.

5. Our coatings are completely customized and niche:

A challenge when formulating paint for bulk manufacturing is that it needs to be “rollable,” “brushable,” “sprayable,” and work on multiple surfaces. Often, selling large volumes of paint is the only way for a product to be economically viable. This is our biggest advantage! As a result of our business model, we can be very intentional and specific about the way we develop our coatings since we have different goals. We formulate our custom chemistry for the specific surface we’ll be refinishing and for the specific equipment we’ll be using to do so. There are no one-size-fits-all coatings in our lab. This not only allows us to deliver a consistent factory finish, but one that will last because the chemistry has been specifically formulated for that substrate, equipment, and use. 

We hope this helps you better understand why we’re able to formulate cutting-edge custom chemistry to deliver a smarter way of painting and, ultimately, a new way to renovate!  

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