A Masculine House

Frederic Lantin lives in Châteauguay, Quebec, Canada with his daughter, Rosalie. This single dad has what most kids would call a dream job: he works at La Ronde, the famous amusement park in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Having recently settled in the new family home–they moved in April–Frederic quickly realized that despite some obvious potential, the house needed a few touch-ups to truly reach its anticipated impact. He wanted something that looked like him, something more masculine.

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He started off with the interior. His priority? The fireplace. Frederic thought it would be an easy and quick project, something even an amateur could do. It ended up taking him 12 hours. He enjoyed the transformation very much, a lot more than the complexity and length of the job itself. He figured it was time to take the renovation of his home to the next level, that is to say to take care of the exterior… But this time, he wouldn’t do it himself! And so he went on Google and started doing some research. That’s how he learned about the Spray-Net services. After reading several articles and watching a few videos on the company’s YouTube channel, he decided to book an estimate.

Patrick–the local sales rep–addressed Frederic’s concerns and reassured him. The single dad thus decided to carry on and transform his home. He admits it, “the increase in property value was a good sales argument.” Furthermore, he was impressed with the efficiency of the team and its quickness to apply the coatings on the various surfaces needed to complete the project– whether it was brick, windows or aluminum siding. Another positive point? The project was completed in just one day. It would have taken him days, if not weeks, to do it on his own.

Frederic enjoyed the energy and the precision of the Spray-Net team. Dedicated and hard-working, they were all eager to explain to him the different steps of the project. All they wanted was to surpass their client’s expectations.

Since then, the father of one has not stopped receiving compliments: “Wow, what a change in just one day!” “The windows look brand new!” “Both the colors and the application are flawless!” or even “This completely changes a house.” The house has without a doubt become of the main attractions in the neighborhood!

A little advice, maybe? Frederic had a recommendation for Spray-Net: “It would be great if the sales rep could offer a photo edition service in order for the client to get a preview of what his house would look like after the transformation.” We agreed with him, so we’ve decided to launch that service. From now on, it is possible to get access to a professional Photoshop service upon request, after having booked a free estimate.

One last word? “Thank you again. It was a pleasure to host Spray-Net!”

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