Beautify your home with our exterior paint colors

Custom-formulated shades for vibrant color coverage & optimal fade resistance


We make sure our pigments are protected.

Pigments in paint are encapsulated or protected by a resin. Resins act as a protective shell to help fight off the effects of UV degradation of pigments, like fading and chalking. If you’ve ever purchased paint at a hardware store, you’ve seen a clerk add pigments to a standard paint base after you’ve picked your color. While this method creates the paint color you want, it doesn’t give you the fade protection you need. If pigments are added to a paint, protective resins should follow.

Some paint colors require more pigments to come to life, which is why we custom-formulate each color by consistently balancing the resin-to-pigment ratio. We make sure as many pigments as possible are encapsulated by a resin to optimized exterior fade resistance and long lasting color retention that won’t dull or chalk.


Exterior paint colors with advanced solar reflectance to keep your home looking its best.

Color needs to last. To ensure maximum exterior fade durability, we use only the highest-grade solar-reflective, inorganic pigments. Each reflective color results in beautiful, deep color coverage with exceptional hiding powder. By reflecting UV rays, our pigments help reduce heat build-up, fading and warping.

Sand XL #998e7c
Sand XL
Mist Grey XL #c5c5bd
Mist Grey XL
Khaki XL #8d8070
Khaki XL
Coastline XL #6c7172
Coastline XL
Wickham Gray #d4d8ce
Wickham Gray
Oxford White #f2efe1
Oxford White
Anonymous #828385
Universal Black #000000
Universal Black
Taos Taupe #7c756a
Taos Taupe
Kendall Charcoal #565651
Kendall Charcoal
Hunter Green #263631
Hunter Green
Hale Navy #363b45
Hale Navy
Gray #585858
Decorator’s White #e8ebe7
Decorator’s White
Collingwood #c9c5b8
Chelsea Gray #77746b
Chelsea Gray
Chantilly Lace #fafbf7
Chantilly Lace
Black Pepper #626d75
Black Pepper
Balboa Mist #ddd8cf
Balboa Mist
Amherst Gray #767771
Amherst Gray
Coastal Blue #485f74
Coastal Blue
Monterey Sand #c2b5a3
Monterey Sand
Iron Ore #373436
Iron Ore
Graphite #4b4c4e
Brownstone #a1907b
Storm #95958f
Saddle Brown #765e4d
Saddle Brown
Nutmeg #4a3831
Burgundy #502930
Commercial Brown #382e2b
Commercial Brown
Pebble #9f8e7c
Dark Drift #7b6b5e
Dark Drift
Sable #6c635d
Old World Blue #2c3445
Old World Blue
Sandstone #f0e7d5
Wicker #c0af98
Dover Gray #bfc7ca
Dover Gray
Wedgewood Blue #64747c
Wedgewood Blue
Pearl #c6c4c0
Black #000000
Slate #676663
Cashmere #d9c7b0
Canyon Clay #b2a899
Canyon Clay
Midnight Surf #575a60
Midnight Surf
Windswept Smoke #5b5e55
Windswept Smoke
Bright White #e8e7e2
Bright White
Ice White #dbe1e2
Ice White
Clay #aa9e8e
White #e5eaff
Antique Brown #2f2423
Antique Brown

*Due to different devices & screen calibrations, colors on our website are for reference only & may look different when applied.

Use dark shades the smart way

Many of our customers with beige or white homes want to modernize the look of their homes by opting for grey tones. If you want to use a deep grey color like Iron Ore for a dramatic transformation, off-set the dark hue with a lighter grey on adjacent surfaces and keep your trim white. You’ll get the dramatic transformation you were looking for without hiding the beautiful features of your home.

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Iron Ore #373436
Iron Ore
Slate #676663
White #e5eaff

Add color and coastal charm to your home

If you have a cottage or country style home, navy blue tones can instantly add curb appeal and personality to your home. To balance your dark siding, keep other surfaces white. For the more adventurous, complete the look with a playful red door.

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Old World Blue #2c3445
Old World Blue
White #e5eaff

Black & greige, the modern way to modernize.

Black windows will instantly add sleek style to your home. Pair with lighter shades of grey and beige, and your home will instantly look current. To really finish off your contemporary and modern look, remove craftsman-style details and trim from your home. While beautiful, they won’t match the tone of the home.

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Black #000000
Slate #676663
Canyon Clay #b2a899
Canyon Clay

Classically beautiful for any home

For a subdued but still stylish look, opt for contrasting tones of beige and khaki. Keep your siding the lighter of the two shades and allow your front door, garage door and trim to stand out in a contrasting darker shade. Keep windows white so they don’t fade in the distance.

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Sable #6c635d
Cashmere #d9c7b0
White #e5eaff

“I used the visualizer on my home & I can’t tell you enough how amazing it was to see the transformation & look of your home when you play with the colors!”

Gary M, Spray-Net Customer

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