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Can you paint acrylic stucco?

Many of our customers ask, “can you paint acrylic stucco?” The answer is yes! Perhaps the confusion is due to the many different types of stucco and stucco systems out there, as well as the multitude of different names used to describe this family of exterior siding. While it’s fairly common to paint traditional stucco, homeowners who have acrylic stucco are concerned about painting this specific type of stucco and often time resort to re-stuccoing to fix cracks and/or to update the color of their homes. Ten years ago, when asked about painting acrylic stucco, the answer would be “stuc-no!” but we have good news: if the right exterior coating is used, you can most definitely paint acrylic stucco! 

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Let’s get the confusion out of the way and start by outlining the differences between traditional stucco and acrylic stucco.

Traditional stucco is made up of Portland cement, lime, sand and water. It’s also commonly known as classic stucco, hard coat stucco and cement stucco finish. Cement stucco finish is probably the most appropriate name because traditional stucco is almost identical to cement. Traditional stucco is cheaper than acrylic stucco, but as a cement-based product, you’re limited to the colors you can choose. Colors are usually less bright than those available in acrylic stucco. With traditional stucco, however, there’s no limit to the amount of textures and finishes you can create.

Acrylic stucco is made up of acrylic resins and/or polymers, sand and crushed quartz- sand being the only shared material between acrylic and traditional stucco. Acrylic stucco actually resembles gritty paint. It’s also known as elastomeric stucco, synthetic stucco or even exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS). One of acrylic stucco’s most appreciated traits is that it comes in a large variety of different, vibrant colors, many more than traditional stucco. You can achieve a lot of different textures, but not as many as traditional stucco.

 Because acrylic stucco is made from synthetic, inorganic material and is also somewhat newer to the market, many homeowners wonder if you can paint acrylic stucco like you can paint traditional cement-based stucco. Then there’s the concern that saturating the stucco will prevent the porous surface from breathing and releasing moisture like it needs to. You can also run into paint failures if you take on a DIY project and don’t prep the surface properly, including fixing hairline cracks. Finally, if you paint on top of a poor quality paint job, you can also expect peeling down the line. Home reno horror stories like these are why many homeowners worry about painting acrylic stucco (and sometimes stucco in general).

Busting the myth
When acrylic stucco is painted properly –from surface prep to selecting a high-quality coating specifically made for stucco- the finish can have a long life expectancy, easily more than 15 years. Believe it or not, painting stucco (when done properly) is actually an essential part of caring for your stucco, and not just for aesthetic reasons. Don’t know if you have traditional or acrylic stucco? No problem! Book a free at-home quote and we’ll evaluate your surface and provide you with an exact price for revamping your stucco!


Painting stucco specifically by spray is the best way to erase and prevent wear and tear. Winters can be quite harsh on our homes and in the case of acrylic stucco, the fluctuations in temperature can cause small hairline cracks to appear. These tiny fissures are to be expected, and there’s no reason to spend thousands of dollars completely replacing it because of this (or to simply update its color). Painting stucco with a high-performance product is the most cost effective way to give your whole a whole new look all while treating your stucco from the inside out by creating a water repellent seal that will block out moisture and prevent future cracking for years to come.

Do it right or not at all!
Acrylic stucco, like traditional stucco, has a bumpy texture that needs to breathe, so picking the right exterior paint for stucco is a crucial step in the revitalization process. Our exclusive paint for stucco is exactly that- a paint tailored specifically to the surface properties of stucco. Our elastomeric formula is 15 TIMES thicker than generic latex paint, easily bridging hairline cracks. Once dry, the flexible, elastomeric paint film will expand and contract along with your stucco, preventing future imperfections.

Stucco is known for giving a home a natural, textured and upscale look… so you want to use a coating that’s going to respect the surface’s texture. Our coating for stucco, sprayed on at optimal viscosity, results in a natural, textured finish that looks like you re-stucco’ed your home. On top of that, the film is moisture, mold and mildew resistant. Available in a wide variety of colors and formulated to keep dirt away, the final finish will look bright and beautiful for years.

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