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5 signs your home’s exterior is outdated & how to fix it


With over 7000 exterior revamps under our belts, it’s safe to say we can easily spot an outdated exterior when we see one. Sure, some classics live forever, but most fads that were “in” decades ago are making your home look old and reminiscent of the decade it was constructed in. And just like most fads, they gotta go.

If you never really gave your home’s curb appeal a thought or you’re just unsure as to which trends are passé, here are the top 5 signs your home’s exterior is outdated and that it’s time for an update:

1 – Blue, red or green aluminum siding:

Don’t get us wrong, we love the use of color on a home. Who doesn’t love a colorful country or cottage-style home? But, if your home isn’t one of these two styles and if it was built between the 70’s and 80’s, bright blue, red or green aluminum siding is making your home stick out… and not in a good way. And if you plan on selling your home in the future, these unconventional “out there” colors will probably turn off potential buyers.

The fix? Tone down an intense hue by using a more contemporary color and most importantly, a color that most people are used to seeing on a home, like grey or beige. We promise, neutral colors will actually go with the style of your home and do a much better job at enhancing curb appeal. Remember to stick within the same family of warm or cool colors on your home. For instance, if your home already features warm tones, stick to beige. If it’s more on the “cool” side, stick to grey.

2 – Pink brick:

Many exterior color trends that were huge decades ago are a complete deal breaker today. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but pink brick is definitely one of those trends. Particularly popular in the province of Quebec, today pink brick on a home screams, “hi, I’m from the 80’s.” Whether you’re a pink brick homeowner from Quebec or another location, it’s officially time to give your brick the facelift it’s been patiently waiting for all these years.


3 – Generic white siding:

White siding is the exterior equivalent to white appliances. Just like white appliances, white siding is dull and it’s hard to keep clean. It also lacks aesthetic appeal (especially when it covers more than half of your house). Of course, white can be beautiful on a home when used as an accent color to accentuate features like trim, doors and windows; but if majority of your house is white, it’s time for a revamp.

Here’s a general rule of thumb: if you’d like to keep your doors and windows white, paint your white siding in a contrasting color so they pop. If you’d like to update the color of your doors and windows in a dark color, select a lighter color for your siding. Remember that contrast is key for a successful exterior color palette that brings out the features of your home.

4 – Spotted brown brick:

We love brick just as much as the next guy or girl, but let’s face it: not all brick looks the same. While your mid-century red brick can achieve that modern, industrial look when paired with shades of black or grey, the same can’t be said for all types of brick. Spotted, multi-colored brick is one of those old-fashioned trends that has done its time and needs to go.

Not only does it look outdated, the use of so many colors sort of resembles camouflage pants! Follow our above color tips for choosing a color for your brick, but first make sure your brick can be stained by checking to see if it can absorb water. If it can, good news: this means your brick will be able to absorb our stain and it can get that much needed makeover!

5 – Yellow & Brown Siding & Brick:

Off-white, yellowish-colored siding has been used on homes for decades. Today, it’s no longer the go-to color for new constructions, making it a clear sign of an outdated exterior. Coupled with the once popular brown (almost orange) brick, the look is overly “earthy” and very 70’s.

If your home sports this 70’s look and you REALLY want a huge transformation and curb appeal boost, move away from those earth-toned colors and -you guessed it- go the opposite route and choose grey or even navy blue for a nautical look.

It might be a bummer to hear that the look of your home is outdated, but luckily there’s no need for a huge, month-long, expensive renovation. All you need are new modern and fresh exterior paint colors to turn your outdated exterior into a façade you (and others) will love to look at! Even with some helpful tips, picking exterior paint colors for our home can seem a little daunting. So, if you’re sure your home needs a new look but unsure about which exterior paint colors to choose, we offer free at-home consultations to provide you with a quote for your project and help you select just the right colors to boost curb appeal and modernize the look of your home!

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