Color & Curb Appeal

Boosting Your Home Curb’s Appeal

What’s all about first impressions, eye-catching, and a real head-turner? We’re talking about a home’s curb appeal.

You notice the colors of the flowers, the landscaped yard, and how it all seems to complement the look of the home. You love it. Is this how you feel about your home?

If not, don’t worry, we have some ideas to maximize the visual impact of your home with designer tips and landscaping trends to complement your home’s color.

Where do I even start?

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes- a potential homeowner to be exact. HGTV suggests taking pictures of the front of your home from various angles and evaluating what you see. Observe it like you were the home buyer.

Do you notice something drab, or fab? Are there some things that need some help? Do certain things catch your eye more than others? Do things look healthy? Does something look overgrown?

While dreaming about all the things you’d like to change, it might be best to stick to a few realistic ideas and not get carried away. Are there simple fixes you can get to on your own? Cleaning up or pruning unruly bushes? Maybe reseeding the lawn or just planting new, fresh flowers?

What factors should I consider when trying to change my home’s curb appeal?

Start with the type of shrubs and the flower colors to make sure these are the ones you love. Flower beds and foliage are all part of your home’s first impression.

For a home that has modern, darker colors, we suggest offsetting this home with lighter-colored flowers. Another helpful trick is to have shrubs or trees that are lusciously green and thinner, so it does not add to weighing down the colors of your siding. This trick helps to create balance and cohesion.

For lighter-colored homes, go bold and add color. Use darker, richer flower colors in the same color family. Pair this with fuller shrubs or trees, and the greenery will pop in contrast to the lighter, neutral color of your home. Now more than ever, homeowners are sprucing up their yards.

What architectural features from my home should I think of when deciding on landscaping?

Consider how far your foundations and windows are from the ground. If your foundation walls are low, the suggestion is to keep plants lower than your windowsill. You don’t want the shrubs to hide important architectural features of your home. The greenery that’s hugging your home will also cut off some natural light. It might be best to plant smaller shrubs or flowers closer to lower foundations.

With foundations that are a little higher, it’s still nice to hide the foundation with something interesting like flowering shrubs or evergreens and grouping these plants by height. Adding some planters to flank the front door also helps to provide a focal point and jazzes things up.

What if I want more of a change for my home?

If you’re looking for a greater impact on your home, you could consider getting the exterior siding of your home done. Maybe you’ve always wanted to change one of the surfaces (such as brick or siding), modernize your doors and windows, or just freshen up the façade?

A fresh coat of paint can truly transform the look of your home, for a fraction of the price of replacing the siding. Since each type of exterior siding has its own unique properties, Spray-Net is a great investment. We tailor each of our coatings to the specific kind of exterior siding.

You get a factory finish without any maintenance. It’s a permanent solution and is backed by a 15-year guarantee against peeling. It really could be the icing on the cake to not only boost your home’s curb appeal but also increase your resale value.

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