Our paint chemistry

Our factory-finish starts in our lab.

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3. Patented Solution

The coating industry’s only weather-adjustable painting process.

Our unique ability to adjust paint chemistry based on expected weather conditions is patented, which means we’re the only exterior painters in the world who can give you a real-time, weather-adjusted paint job. For our customers, this means a factory finish they really can’t get anywhere else.

“Leveraging chemistry & technology makes us a different kind of painter, and it’s what allows us to innovate new renovation solutions that provide homeowners with value.”


Carmelo Marsala

Founder & CEO

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Our chemistry is the product of thousands
of hours of R&D.

Our chemistry is beautifying and protecting thousands of homes across Canada as we speak, but it took years to perfect our formulations. We formulated and re-formulated countless versions of our products, put them through accelerated weather testing and then field-tested those products in the real-world. Again, and again.

4. Starts with homeowners

It all starts with you, the homeowner.

Sounds simple, but we sort of started our whole journey into paint formulation by asking ourselves, “what do homeowners really want and need out of a painting service?” Our motto is to use chemistry to create smart renovation solutions that make our customers happy by making their lives easier.

5. Deeper into customization

Next, diving deeper into chemistry & customization.

We might have succeeded in bringing a factory finish on-site, but there’s so much more we can’t wait to do. Imagine if we could customize the coating on your front door according to how much direct sun exposure it gets? The possibilities are endless (and exciting).

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