Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting: Not Just for Older Homes

Many people think of exterior painting and think of spring maintenance or renewing a really old and weathered home. They naturally think of a façade with peeling and chipped paint that’ll take daysand maybe even weeksto repaint. They never utter the words “exterior painting” and “new house” in the same sentence… and wrongly so! Whether to personalize the exterior color scheme of a forever home or to boost curb appeal to attract potential buyers, more and more homeowners are investing in exterior painting for their newer homes!

5 reasons you should consider exterior painting for your newer home:

1. Exterior painting isn’t just maintenance:

Homeowners invest in exterior painting not just out of necessity, but for purely aesthetic reasons too! An appealing exterior color scheme has a HUGE impact on curb appeal and the overall look of your home. So while your home might only be 10 years old, your pink masonry can make it look much older and outdated. The right exterior paint colors can add style and character to your home while accentuating it’s best features.



2. Exterior painting lets you personalize your home:

Exterior spray painting is the perfect way to add personality and color to generic white doors and windows. Whether you want to paint your windows black for a more modern look, or add a bold pop of color to your front door; our spray application results in a flawless, streak-free finish that looks absolutely brand-new…not repainted. It’s an affordable and cost-effective alternative to completely replacing lacklustrebut still very functionaldoors and windows.


3. Exterior painting involves much more than just painting aluminum siding:

Our exclusive paints and coatings make it possible to paint much more than the ever so popular aluminum siding. Along with aluminum, you can paint your vinyl, stucco, aggregate and even brick for a permanent color transformation. With uniquely tailored coatings for each of these exterior surfaces, gone are the days where you had no choice but to live with your outdated exterior paint colors.  


4. Exterior painting can attract buyers:

When it comes to selling your home, you only have one shot to make a memorable first impressionand the last thing potential buyers want to see is faded, discolored and outdated siding, doors and windows. Our one-day exterior painting transformation is the optimal way to revamp your home, boost curb appeal and quickly get your house ready for viewing. You can create a more welcoming and inviting exterior by just painting and renewing your siding. Go one step further and really give your home some style by highlighting architectural features like trim, doors, windows and shutters in contrasting, eye-catching colors!


5. Exterior painting enhances more than just looks:

An exterior painting makeover can increase overall property value by thousands of dollars. By immediately boosting curb appeal, it yields a quick return on your investment. This is especially appealing for homeowners looking to sell their homes faster and for a greater profit. Compared to other renovations, exterior painting delivers the biggest bang for the buck.


A new way of renovating

Our innovative paints and coatings have ultimately changed the way people think about exterior painting. What used to be considered just maintenance is now a convenient way to give your home a brand-new look without having to replace everything. The final result is a like-new, permanent finish that allows you to transform your renovation into an investment. The added perk: it’s done in just a day.

If you’re thinking of revamping the look of your home, click here for an at-home consultation with one of our specialists!

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