Exterior Paint for Doors & Windows

Add colour and personality to your home with our exterior paint for doors and windows

Our exterior paint for doors and windows is the ideal solution to paying the unnecessary cost of replacing generic, white—but still functional—doors and windows. As the most prominent features of a house, doors and windows play a leading role in your home’s curb appeal and come in basic white for low heat absorption. Our exterior paint for doors and windows is formulated with UV-GUARD Technology to deflect harsh UV rays and prevent excessive heat buildup, making it possible to paint doors and windows in dark, trendy colours without cracking or warping.

Specifically engineered for maximum adhesion to aluminum, vinyl and steel, our exterior paint for doors and windows provides an affordable alternative to replacement by creating a permanent, flawless finish free of brush and roller marks. Our coating creates an OEM shine that just can’t be achieved with regular latex paint. The result is a streak-free finish with just enough lustre that looks absolutely like-new… not repainted.

Characteristics and Benefits

Extreme Temperature Adaptability

Prevents cracking, blistering, chipping & peeling even during extreme changes in temperature.

Optima-Colour Technology

High-grade inorganic pigments result in even, maximum coverage for rich & long-lasting colour retention.

Engineered for Vinyl

Results in optimal adhesion to PVC & prevents the coating from warping, cracking & peeling.

Factory Hardness

Creates a high-traffic, anti-scratch film that prevents scratching, scuffing & chipping.

Built-in Primer

Allows for optimal adhesion on tough-to-paint surfaces like common polypropylene door mouldings.

Cross-linking Technology

Creates a tight microscopic bond that produces a smooth, factory-hard finish that is permanent & will not peel or chalk.

UV-Guard Technology

Solar-reflective pigments block harsh UV rays to prevent excessive heat-build, fading & warping of even dark colours.

Surfactant-Free Formula

Free of the chemicals found in all latex paints that leave behind a residue when in contact with water, prevents leaching and ensures a finish that is washable & ultra-smooth to the touch.