Aluminum Siding

Up your home’s curb appeal by simply painting
your aluminum siding

Painting aluminum siding is our most sought-after service. The aluminum siding of the 60’s and 70’s—popular due to low maintenance and tough durability—has left in its footsteps a legacy of severely faded and powdered sidings. Why? Because of the low quality paint which is baked onto pre-coloured aluminum siding, in some cases even eroding down to the bare metal itself.

The Solution is simple. You can easily renew and revive the look of your home by painting your aluminum siding with our high-performance aluminum coating. Formulated with a unique combination of paint additives, our coating for aluminum siding prevents future corrosion, chalking and powdering. By using the highest grade, inorganic solar-reflective pigments, we’ve ultimately solved the problems of excessive heat buildup and resulting premature fading and discolouration typically associated with aluminum siding.

We’ve created a way for you to paint your aluminum siding for a like-new finish and long-lasting results… all at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

How to paint aluminum siding the Spray-Net way

  • Before painting your aluminum siding, we perform a powerful water-scrape to remove years of chalk build-up from the aluminum siding.
  • We repair damaged planks, holes and dents and remove caulking of expansion joints in order to create a flat and even surface for painting.
  • We mask and protect all the surrounding surfaces such as the roof, windows, back and side doors, patio and patio furniture.
  • We spray paint your siding with our aluminum coating for even and full coverage and when dry, remove all masking. Where necessary, we finish the look by applying new colour-matching.
  • We do a final clean-up and make sure your property is as clean as it was when our team first arrived!
How to Paint and Renew Aluminum Siding
Water Scrape
Minor Repairs
Mask & Protect
Paint Application
Remove Masking
Final Clean-up