Exterior Paint for Vinyl Siding

Save on the cost of replacing your vinyl with our exterior paint for vinyl siding

Our exterior paint for vinyl siding allows you to cost-effectively renew, rather than replace, your existing vinyl siding. Using the latest in solar-reflective technology, our 100% acrylic exterior paint for vinyl siding blocks harsh UV rays to prevent excessive heat build-up and warping of your vinyl. Our exterior paint for vinyl siding not only restores the look of your siding, but enhances and improves its structural integrity with industrial additives for a permanent, factory hard finish.

Formulated with OPTIMA-Colour Technology and top-of-the-line inorganic pigments, our exterior paint for vinyl siding offers vibrant, rich colour coverage that allows you to paint your vinyl siding in a wide selection of trendy colours for an instant boost in curb appeal. The finished product results in a remarkable OEM shine that’s neither dull nor too shiny. Our exterior paint for vinyl siding strikes the perfect balance between a matte and shiny finish by using just enough gloss to create a degree of lustre that looks like-new without accentuating surface imperfections.

Characteristics and Benefits

Optima-Colour Technology

High-grade inorganic pigments result in even, maximum coverage for rich & long-lasting colour retention.

Surfactant-Free Formula

Free of the chemicals found in all latex paints that leave behind a residue when in contact with water, ensuring a finish that is washable & ultra-smooth to the touch.

Cross-linking Technology

Ceramic microspheres create a rock-hard, factory finish that is permanent & won’t peel.

UV-Guard Technology

Solar-reflective pigments block harsh UV rays to prevent excessive heat build-up, fading & warping.

Factory Hardness

Results in a durable, weather-resistant finish that prevents dents, scratches & scuffs caused by harsh weather conditions.

Stain, Dirt & Mildew Resistance

Results in quick & easy cleaning after the harsh winter season.

Extreme Temperature Adaptability

Prevents cracking, chipping, chalking & blistering, leaving vinyl looking brand-new for years.

Built-in Primer

Results in maximum adhesion on what is essentially a slippery, plastic surface.