22. Adhesion to PVC


An exterior paint for vinyl whose job is to bond to your PVC siding.

Vinyl siding is often called an unpaintable surface because it’s made from PVC. PVC is plastic, and most paint isn’t meant to adhere to a surface as smooth as plastic. That’s why we formulated a paint for vinyl siding whose job is to do exactly that. Our exterior paint for vinyl contains powerful acrylics and adhesion promoters that bind the coating to the plastic surface, filling in all grooves and crevices as it flows across the siding. The result? Maximum adhesion to your vinyl that won’t peel or chip.

21. Warp-Guard Colour technology


Pigments that literally bring solar-reflectance to a whole other level.

Our paint for vinyl is formulated with solar-reflective pigments to fight fading and excessive heat build-up. Want to paint your vinyl siding in a darker colour? Our WarpGuard vinyl colour line contains 15 specially-curated darker shades that contain cutting-edge solar transparent pigments. Instead of absorbing heat like most dark pigments do, these unique pigments let solar energy pass through them, allowing them to stay cooler and vibrant for longer. That’s when UV rays then meet our Vinyl Shield™.

22. Patented duo coat system_v4


A tough undercoat for the ultimate protection
against warping.

Applied directly onto your vinyl siding, our Vinyl Shield™ acts as a reinforcing undercoat. Engineered with heat-reflective technology, it boosts the top coat's defence against UV rays and solar energy. This powerful duo-coat system stabilizes the temperature of your vinyl siding and even fortifies its warping threshold.

15. Semi-elastomeric resin


Cracking? Not with our tough, but flexible finish.

Formulated with semi-elastomeric resins, our vinyl coating dries to a flexible paint film that can expand and contract with your vinyl siding during extreme temperature changes. When it comes to wind-driven rain and hail, these flexible resins increase the impact resistance of the paint film and minimize cracking and peeling.

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Mist Grey
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Our most popular vinyl paint colour

Mist Grey is the perfect creamy grey. While neutral enough to remain classic, it’ll definitely make your home stand out from the beige and white hues on your block.

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