Introducing the new way to update the look of your kitchen.

In as little as a day, our kitchen cabinet painting solution delivers a factory-finish at a cost-effective price.
*Available in select franchise locations.

A convenient, one-day kitchen facelift.

To provide you with a quick, convenient and cost-effective kitchen cabinet spray painting service, we paint and transform your cabinets without ever leaving your home!

Instead of painting your kitchen cabinets at an off-site facility, we set up our fully ventilated spray booth right in your kitchen. This allows us to spray, dry and reinstall your cabinets within the same day! Now, you can paint your kitchen cabinets without the additional transport fees or the hassle of being stuck without a kitchen for weeks.

A new kitchen starting at just $3500? Yes, please!

Whether your kitchen renovation is big or small, the cost of our kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing service is a fraction of the price of brand-new kitchen cabinets. This means you can update the look of your kitchen without the huge price tag!

While our handy price chart can give you a quick ballpark price for your project, we can only provide you with an exact and detailed price for your project during your at-home consultation!

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We formulated a coating to make your kitchen cabinets look like-new!

To provide you with superior durability and a flawless finish, we formulated a polyurethane paint for kitchen cabinets that combines the best of all worlds: the adhesion of a soft alkyd, the flexibility of a urethane and the hardness of a polyurethane. This makes our coating flexible enough to avoid cracking, hard enough to avoid chipping, smooth enough to easily wash and tough enough to block stains. All this in a low-toxicity, water-based formulation that conforms to Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers’ Association (KMCA) standards.

Our paint for kitchen cabinets is specially formulated for: laminate, melamine, thermofoil/plastic and wood kitchen cabinets.

Choose from our trendy, designer-curated
kitchen cabinet colors.

Thinking of painting your kitchen cabinets in one modern hue? Or, how about a two-tone kitchen cabinet revamp? Our designer-picked kitchen cabinet paint colors follow today’s latest trends and can instantly update and add style to any kitchen!

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From prep to re-installation, we take care of it all.

Our turn-key kitchen cabinet spray painting and refinishing service includes all the steps required to completely transform your kitchen. We remove your kitchen cabinets, fix minor dents, and mask and protect all necessary surfaces. Once your kitchen cabinets are dry, we take care of reinstalling them and of course, tidying up at the end of the day!

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Kitchen cabinet paint colors

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"Our kitchen went from average to amazing! The customer service was top-notch, we saved a fortune, and most importantly, our kitchen looks absolutely beautiful! Thank you Spray-Net!"

Jason & Nathalie

Frequently asked questions about how it works.

What type(s) of Kitchen Cabinets do you paint?

Our paint for kitchen cabinets can be used on‚ÄĮlaminate, melamine, thermofoil/plastic, and wood kitchen cabinets. As needed, we use one of our two proprietary kitchen primers depending on the surface, as well as our eco-friendly chemical and mechanical preparation process to ensure adhesion on each surface!

Do you offer a wide variety of colors?

We have a wide variety of colors for you to choose from, each specifically formulated for exterior use and formulated with optimal fade resistance in mind. We use a combination of the most popular standard siding and door and window colors to provide maximum durability against premature fading and discoloration, as well as to apply the finishing touch of matching-colored caulking.  

Although we can match any exterior paint color you have in mind, we can’t always provide the same optimal fade resistance or a matching caulking color. Finally, we work with an experienced designer every year to help us come up with the latest color trends and ultra-stylish exterior color palettes… an added perk that our customers really appreciate! 

How many coats of paint do you apply?

Unlike the traditional brush and roller method, spray-applied painting is measured according to paint thickness rather than the number of coats. Depending on the specific exterior coating that we’re using, paint thickness can vary between 4 and 20 mils. A thicker paint film doesn’t automatically mean it will be more durable; it all depends on what we’re trying to achieve for a final product’s properties. 

You can be sure that our expert painting crews are equipped with the knowledge, products, and experience to produce a permanent factory finish… every time. 

What kind of products do you use?

We are an eco-friendly painting company that uses our own exclusive line of low VOC, water-based, and industrial-strength exterior paints and coatings. All of our products fall under all government VOC limits. Each of our exterior and kitchen paints and coatings are uniquely tailored for each surface and for a specific method of application, and they all contain a unique blend of additives and superior inorganic pigments that allow us to achieve the desired results per surface that we’re revamping! 

Since factory paint is “baked,‚ÄĚ is your paint as scratch resistant?

When painting doors and windows for manufacturers, IR lamps are used to artificially accelerate the curing process. This specific technique is necessary since the demands of the commercial market require quick packaging and delivery of products. To bring the same one-day permanent factory results to the residential sector, we’ve formulated our exclusive paints and coatings so that they become dry to the touch within 15-30 minutes of application, depending on the weather. In a short time, the paint film achieves a factory OEM level of hardness. With the help of the sun’s natural UV rays, the paint fully cures and achieves maximum hardness and durability in the days that follow. The sun’s natural UV rays are just as effective as a forced factory cure. When needed in unideal weather conditions, however, we can produce a forced bake for front doors in our mobile spray booth, since this high-traffic surface requires a quicker full cure. Our industrial grade formulations coupled with an optimal application process is what allows our coatings to be as scratch and mar resistant as factory coatings.

What’s the difference between spray-applied paint and electrostatic paint?

Most people confuse the difference between spray-applied paint and electrostatic paint. Electrostatic paint is typically oil-based and is commonly used in the industrial sector to paint difficult to paint shapes, like cylinders. These objects need to be made of a high conducting metal such as steel. Using an electrical charge, paint is propelled toward the surface to create a perfect even finish. This isn’t necessary (or possible) in the residential sector because we use non-toxic water-based products and the surfaces that we revamp have very little to no conductivity so it wouldn’t work anyway. The water content of our products, as well as the painting of mostly non-metal surfaces, wouldn’t allow for a sufficient electrical charge. The big appeal of electrostatic painting is the low-overspray property of the technique, but all of our paints and coatings are specifically designed for spray application. Combined with our spray equipment, this technique results in a high transfer efficiency and minimal amount of overspray. When it comes to painting the exterior of a home, we’ve formulated the ideal products and have mastered the optimal techniques to deliver a like-new and durable factory finish. 

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