Is it worth painting my house if I plan on selling it?

Absolutely! Selling your home is all about curb appeal. You can spend thousands of dollars on interior renovations, but if no one is interested in walking into your home, no one will ever see them! Don’t forget: the last thing potential buyers want to see when approaching a home are outdated exterior colors and home repairs and maintenance that they’ll have to take care of, like faded siding or outdated exterior colors. Unlike you, they might not know about Spray-Net and think it will cost them too much to fix! 

When you’re trying to sell your home, time is of the essence, and this is exactly why sellers turn to our convenient one-day exterior painting solution to quickly enhance the look of their homes. Not only does our service immediately boost curb appeal for a more inviting exterior appearance, it can simultaneously increase property value, allowing you to sell your home for a higher price. Furthermore, a fresh-looking kitchen is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home before selling it!  

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