Exterior Paint for Aluminum Siding

Our exterior paint for aluminum siding can renew even the most powdered and faded of sidings

Our exterior paint for aluminum siding makes it possible to renew aluminum that has powdered and faded over decades! At the same time that it revamps your siding’s weathered appearance, our exterior paint for aluminum siding is formulated with cross-linking technology and ceramic micro-spheres to produce a rock-solid, factory finish that reinforces the durability of your aluminum. By coating your aluminum siding with industrial-strength additives, resins and pigments, our exterior paint allows you to save on the unnecessary cost of replacing this exceptionally durable siding. Formulated with OPTIMA-Colour Technology and superior solar-reflective pigments, our aluminum coating results in optimal hide and rich colour coverage and prevents excessive heat buildup for long-lasting results.

Characteristics and Benefits

Built-in Primer

Integrated primer & adhesion promoter allows for maximum adhesion on even the most powdered of sidings.

OPTIMA-Colour Technology

High-grade inorganic pigments result in even, maximum coverage for rich & long-lasting colour retention.


Results in a weather-resistant finish that prevents dents, scratches and scuffs caused by harsh weather such as wind-driven rain & hail.


Semi-elastomeric resins create a flexible finish that prevents cracking, but is durable enough to withstand power-washing with chemical detergents.

Cross-linking Technology

Along with ceramic microspheres, creates a tight microscopic bond that results in a smooth, factory-hard finish that is permanent and will not peel or chalk.

UV-Guard Technology

Solar-reflective pigments block harsh UV rays, preventing excessive heat build-up & premature fading & discoloration of even dark colours.

Stain, Dirt & Mildew Resistance

Allows for quick & easy washing after the harsh winter season.

Extreme Temperature Adaptability

Prevents cracking, chipping & blistering, leaving your aluminum siding looking brand-new for years.