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Our Exterior Paints & Coatings

Exterior paint to deliver more than just a paint job.

Our high-performance line of weather-adjustable exterior paint delivers factory-quality results, while providing you with an alternative to replacing your siding, doors and windows!


To bring the factory on-site to your home, we’ve engineered our very own line of industrial-strength exterior paints and coatings. Why formulate our own exterior paint? Good question! Because there aren’t any products on the market for what we do. We’ve created a new concept and a new way of renovating that requires exterior paint for permanent, flawless results that look absolutely brand-new… and not repainted.

By controlling what goes into our exterior paint, we’re able to control standard and quality of product from the get-go. Unlike big box paint manufacturers who use the same resins and additives that they have in stock for multiple products, we use a different blend of high grade resins and additives for each one of our coatings, creating a line of high-performance exterior paints for optimal results and a permanent factory finish.

Exterior paint formulated for performance… not cost-cutting

Compared to paint manufacturers whose entire business is selling exterior paint, our business is our service. Our main priority isn’t cost-cutting—it’s the final result. By delivering a factory-quality finish to homeowners, we provide results that just can’t be achieved anywhere else.

Being painters ourselves, we know that no “one size fits all” when it comes to exterior paint. We’ve therefore formulated a different exterior paint for each surface that we renew. We also like to do things differently, which is why we’ve ditched creating a standard paint-base to which colour is later added. Pre-tint technology allows us to literally integrate your colour selection into the paint formula itself, creating a made-to-measure product for each individual homeowner.

By engineering our exterior paints and coatings for performance and not cost-cutting, we can cost-effectively and conveniently bring the factory right to your home.

Our exterior paint for aluminum siding can renew even the most powdered and faded of sidings Our exterior paint for aluminum siding makes it possible to renew aluminum that has powdered and faded over decades! At the same time that it revamps your siding’s weathered appearance, our exterior paint for aluminum siding is formulated with cross-linking Read more

Save on the cost of replacing your vinyl with our exterior paint for vinyl siding Our exterior paint for vinyl siding allows you to cost-effectively renew, rather than replace, your existing vinyl siding. Using the latest in solar-reflective technology, our 100% acrylic exterior paint for vinyl siding blocks harsh UV rays to prevent excessive heat Read more

You thought you had to replace your Hardie board siding? Discover our fiber-cement exterior paint & save on the costs of replacement! Our exterior paint for Hardie board and fiber-cement siding makes it possible to renew Hardie-board that has chipped and faded over the years! At the same time that it revamps your siding’s weathered appearance, our Read more

An exterior brick stain you have to see to believe Our exterior brick stain is by far our most advanced exterior coating. Applied to both the brick and mortar joints, our mineral-based brick stain can rejuvenate or completely change the colour of your brick for a fresh new look. Once applied to the masonry, water-glass binders penetrate deep Read more

Restore the natural beauty of your home with our exterior elastomeric paint for stucco & aggregate   Our exterior paint for stucco and aggregate is the ultimate coating for your concrete-based siding. Fifteen times thicker than regular latex paint, our exterior paint for stucco and aggregate bridges and repairs hairline cracks while smoothing surface imperfections Read more

Add colour and personality to your home with our exterior paint for doors and windows Our exterior paint for doors and windows is the ideal solution to paying the unnecessary cost of replacing generic, white—but still functional—doors and windows. As the most prominent features of a house, doors and windows play a leading role in Read more