How To Paint A Door Frame?

How To Paint A Door Frame – A Tutorial By Spray-Net

You painted your door, and now it’s time to paint your door frame. Before starting the job, make sure the door and handle are in working order.



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Step 1 – Blocking the hole (Way 1)

  • Start by removing the caulking all around the frame.
  • Remove the door, see where the colour changes and tape the frame where you wish to stop painting.
  • Tape a straight line all around the inside of the door frame, keep the edges of the tape lifted.
  • Use 99-inch plastic to close the door hole and cut the desired width. Place the sheet at the top of the door and pull the sheet down.
  • Since the edges of the tape were folded upwards, now we can use them to secure the plastic in place.
  • Cut holes in the middle of the sheet to allow air to travel through the sheet.
  • Use white tape and tape down the plastic sheet one more time to further secure the sheet in place.
  • Now we will apply a pre-tape to the outside of the door frame.
  • Always double-check your work for holes.
  • Cut the desired length of your paper and then add a pre-tape to the outside of the paper.
  • This is done so you can apply the paper directly to the surface easily.
  • Now that the paper is connected to the green pre-tape, secure the rest of the paper to the wall.
  • Protect the appropriate surroundings for overspray, check the direction of the wind and act accordingly.


Step 2 – Blocking the Hole (Way 2)

  • Way 2 involves a plastic board cut-out to the size of the door.
  • One person will tape the inside while the other person will tape the outside.
  • The person inside must now use a surface board.