How long will the paint last? And if your warranty covers 15 years, does that mean I have to repaint in the 16th year?

Absolutely not. Our high-performance coatings and the fact that we adjust our coatings to on-site weather conditions during your project ensure optimal adhesion for a durable, long-lasting factory-quality finish. As a rule of thumb, if the work doesn’t peel after the first two winters, it’s technically not possible for it to peel. Our products cross-link to create a tight mechanical (and in some cases chemical) bond to the surface. Peeling is often the result of inadequate prep and application, and we take every precaution (like weather-adjusting our coatings) to make sure things are done right. Equally as important is applying the right product with the right process to each surface that we renew. In the rare case that you do notice peeling after the first two winters (it happens, we’re human), simply give us a call and we’ll come back to fix the problem. 

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