Can’t I just paint my home myself?

You definitely can, but our customers are willing to pay a premium for our service because what they want are permanent results and the knowledge and expertise of our experienced team. We are not simply selling time. Our products are the result of hundreds of hours of research with paint chemists and rigorous field testing across North America to ensure optimal results and durability. Specifically formulated and uniquely tailored for the surfaces that we renew, our products easily outperform any commercially available latex paint you can find, and we’ve got the results to prove it! 

 Equally important is the knowledge and skill of our team, who have painted thousands of different homes and hundreds of thousands of hours of collective experience resulting in a process that consistently produces a permanent like-new factory finish. Homeowners choose us because they want more than painting—they choose us because they want a cost-effective way to modernize and love their homes again. By bringing factory results right to their doorsteps, our exterior renovation and kitchen cabinet solution does just that: a new way to renovate! 

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