Are your prices competitive?

Where our services can overlap with conventional painting companies, we should normally be at a slight premium due to the customized nature of our work, although we have seen that this is actually not even always the case. Because we formulate and apply all of our own products, we are able to cut out many middlemen and deliver those savings and added value straight to you! 

We’ve also created a niche for ourselves, so we don’t necessarily do what other painters do, like wood surfaces. We don’t use commercial products or equipment—we use our own exclusive line of professional-quality exterior paints and coatings and top of the line spray equipment. Our products, equipment, and technique create a streak-free, pristine finish that looks absolutely brand-new and won’t peel. From our products to our mobile spray booth, we bring the factory experience right to your doorstep. By offering a quick home revamp, you can boost your home’s curb appeal and increase property value, transforming your renovation into an investment. All the benefits of replacing with the convenience and affordability of painting: the best of both worlds!

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