Bathroom Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Services

Update the look of your bathroom cabinets without the cost, downtime, or mess.

Our bathroom cabinet painting service is the quick & cost-effective way to give your bathroom a fresh new look.

A major bathroom renovation means a costly, messy project and the hassle of living without a bathroom for weeks. Our efficient on-site bathroom cabinet and vanity painting service means we’re in and out in as little as a day, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day, and your cabinets will look flawless and new for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. It’s the perfect win-win-win renovation!

Peeling because of humidity? Not with our paint for bathroom cabinets.

Our 2-component, crosslinking polyurethane formulation creates a factory hard finish that effectively blocks moisture from getting in between the paint film and the cabinet surface. This allows you to paint your bathroom cabinets without worrying about peeling caused by humidity.

An image depicting bathroom cabinet doors painted in different trendy colors.

Choose from a selection of trendy bathroom cabinet paint colours.

We’ve curated a range of cool, warm and bold shades in different undertones to bring your dream bathroom vision to life! Since a bathroom is typically a smaller space, our bathroom cabinet and vanity paint  colours include hues that will effortlessly give your home a dose of personality and style.

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"I'm really happy with my cabinets. Their professionalism & process made a huge difference. I highly appreciated the communication & the timeline presented to me pre-project. The crew was great & I could tell they really like their jobs + work well as a team which is really nice to see - this shines in quality of work."

Kari Viccars

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What if I have some water damage on the cabinets under the sink?

Any water-damage would have to be repaired before we can spray your kitchen boxes and cabinet doors.

Can you paint my cabinets if the laminate/melamine is starting to come off?

To achieve a factory finish that won’t peel, your cabinets must be in good condition. While we conduct repairs to minor scratches and chips, if the integrity of your cabinets is compromised, then it’s not possible to recoat them for long-lasting results. During your at-home consultation, we’ll evaluate the extent of repairs and let you know if it makes more sense to replace your cabinets.

Is your coating scratch resistant? My cabinets get handled quite a lot.

Yes, our coating exceeds all Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association standards and when benchmarked against leading kitchen cabinet paints, our coating far exceeds the results in the category for film hardness. But it’s important to keep in mind that just like the paint on a new car or front door, it’s possible to scratch the surface with a blunt object. Rest assured, however, that our kitchen cabinet coating can withstand regular day-to-day activity in your kitchen, as it is strategically formulated to be hard enough to resist scratching and dries to a non-brittle finish to minimize any chipping.

Do you paint onsite or transport my cabinets to an off-site facility?

We paint all kitchen cabinets on-site, without ever leaving your home! The first step in our process is to install a sealed and ventilated spray booth in your home, near your kitchen. We install painting and drying racks in this booth, so there’s no need for us to transport your kitchen cabinets off-site. The benefit of our on-site process is that you don’t have to pay any additional transport fees or live without your kitchen for weeks.

Can you get rid of the grain in my wood/oak cabinets?

Yes, but depending on how deep-set your grain is, upon close inspection you may still see a slight grain in the finish. Our grain filler is 2.5 times thicker than conventional fillers, so we’ll get as close as one can get to a uniform, smooth finish on your wood cabinets.

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