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Exterior painters in Chattanooga who deliver factory-quality results right to your doorstep.

Revamp your kitchen with our NEW kitchen cabinet refinishing service

Our surface-tailored paint process for kitchen cabinets results in a factory finish that looks like new and resists peeling and staining. We mask & protect all surfaces and create a ventilated spray booth in your kitchen, ensuring a clean and safe renovation. Spray-Net is the best alternative to replacement!

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A factory-hard finish for your aluminum siding

Our paint for aluminum siding is formulated with advanced crosslinking technology to deliver a durable, factory finish that won’t peel, prevents fading and resists washing with chemical detergents. Our aluminum siding painting service includes all surface preparation, like fixing minor dents and performing a water scrape to cleanse the surface of built-up powder.

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A vinyl painting service with superior protection against warping

Spray-Net's patented vinyl painting process provides increased resistance to heat build-up so you can paint your vinyl siding without worrying about warping. We evaluate your home's substrate condition and installation to ensure long-term results.

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Thanks to our brick stain formulation, you don’t have to settle for outdated brick anymore!

A patented brick stain that updates the look of your brick home. Our exclusive process keeps the natural texture of your brick intact and allows your masonry to breathe, preventing any blistering or peeling. We’ll perform a water test to make sure your brick is porous enough to absorb our stain.

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Revive the look of your stucco!

Our exterior painters can spray paint your stucco with our advanced Liqua-Wrap paint for stucco. By wrapping your home in a stain-blocking, waterproof seal, our coating gives you practically all the benefits of re-stuccoing, without actually having to re-stucco!

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The ultimate paint for your fiber cement siding

Our crosslinking exterior paint delivers a smooth, factory finish that won’t peel or chalk & can be safely washed. It also helps repel water from infiltrating your fiber cement, reducing the formation of efflorescence, or white salt deposits. Our advanced coating reinforces your Hardie Board with solar-reflective pigments for rich, long-lasting colour retention.

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Re-seal your engineered wood with our water-repellent paint

While engineered wood is the maintenance-free alternative to real wood siding, it still requires re-coating due to UV degradation of the top coat. Our crosslinked coating results in a natural finish that re-seals the substrate with a water-resistant finish, protecting your siding from blistering and prolonging its longevity.

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Paint your doors and windows on-site for a cost-effective alternative to replacement

Thanks to our proprietary process and advanced polyurethane coating, it’s now possible to paint and revamp your front doors, garage doors and windows on-site! Our door and window painting service is completely turn-key: surface prep, fixing minor repairs, frame and weatherstrip painting and even the application of a brand-new coat of caulking.

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"Very thorough job! The house looks amazing, I would highly recommend Spray-Net."

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"I love the updated look of my home! I would definitely recommend Spray-Net to my friends and family!"

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"It's been a year since the work was done and it still looks amazing. Spray-Net has really helped make our house stand out from...

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