A high-performance, breathable brick stain

Our stain delivers the breathability & permanent colour transformation you need to cost-effectively revamp your home.


A brick stain that adheres in two ways for permanent results, every time.

Since the porosity of each brick can differ, we’ve formulated a stain that combines the adhesiveness of a paint with the permanent finish of a stain.

When latex paint is applied to brick, the film simply lays on top of the surface. This stops moisture inside of the brick from evaporating, leading to blistering & peeling. Our stain travels deep into the pores of your brick and through the chemical process of crystallization, it becomes part of the brick itself, allowing your brick to continuously breathe. For brick with decreased porosity, our stain also has the unique ability to grip to the top of the surface for optimal adhesion.


Our brick stain let’s your brick breathe, 24/7.

The mineral-based chemistry of our stain is what makes it breathable. Humidity and vapour travel freely through the tiny spaces between the minerals to evaporate and escape the surface. As a result, our brick stain will never peel or blister like a latex paint.


Stops water from invading your brick.

While large enough to allow moisture to pass through, the spaces between the silicate minerals in our brick stain are small enough to effectively block water from infiltrating the interior of your brick. This allows our stain to protect your brick from efflorescence and freeze-thaw damage. This stain does a whole lot more than just look good!


Light to dark, dark to light. You can do it all with our brick stain.

If you’re worried that your dark red or brown brick will peek through a lighter coloured stain, you don’t have to be! The beauty of our brick stain is that it literally dyes the masonry. The resulting opaque finish provides excellent hiding power and outstanding colour coverage.

Our most popular brick stain colour

When you want to make the move to grey, Windswept Smoke is a classic choice.

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Frequently asked questions about how it works.

Do you offer a wide variety of colours?

We have a wide variety of colours for you to choose from, each specifically formulated for exterior use and formulated with optimal fade resistance in mind. We use a combination of the most popular standard siding and door and window colours to provide maximum durability against premature fading and discolouration, as well as to apply the finishing touch of matching-coloured caulking. 

Although we can match any exterior paint colour you have in mind, we can’t always provide the same optimal fade resistance or a matching caulking colour. Finally, we work with an experienced designer every year to help us come up with the latest colour trends and ultra-stylish exterior colour palettes… an added perk that our customers really appreciate! 

Do you offer after-sales customer support?

Once the work is completed on the day of your renewal, we tour your home with you to make sure we’re all satisfied with the final product! If we notice anything during this final inspection, we fix it right there on the spot or schedule a time to go back and fix it. 

Can’t I just paint my home myself?

You definitely can, but our customers are willing to pay a premium for our service because what they want are permanent results and the knowledge and expertise of our experienced team. We are not simply selling time. Our products are the result of hundreds of hours of research with paint chemists and rigorous field testing across North America to ensure optimal results and durability. Specifically formulated and uniquely tailored for the surfaces that we renew, our products easily outperform any commercially available latex paint you can find, and we’ve got the results to prove it! 

 Equally important is the knowledge and skill of our team, who have painted thousands of different homes and hundreds of thousands of hours of collective experience resulting in a process that consistently produces a permanent like-new factory finish. Homeowners choose us because they want more than painting—they choose us because they want a cost-effective way to modernize and love their homes again. By bringing factory results right to their doorsteps, our exterior renovation and kitchen cabinet solution does just that: a new way to renovate! 

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