The Spray-Net Guarantee

The Spray-Net Guarantee: Leave Your Home in the Hands of Professional Exterior Painters that you Can Trust

What do we mean by Spray-Net guarantee? People choose us as their professional exterior painters of choice simply because they seek a flawless, permanent finish that will last. They choose us because of the exceptional value for money. They invest in the seasoned technique of our professional exterior painters who have painted and transformed thousands of homes. They invest in our proprietary exterior paints and coatings, which are engineered for optimal adhesion and finish. For these reasons, the happiness of our customers is of utmost importance to our team.

We consider you, the customer, as our Spray-Net brand ambassadors. Before we leave your home, we make sure that the finished product lives up to all of your expectations. In the rare case that you contact us during the span of your warranty, you won’t be road blocked by an endless list of outrageous weather-related conditions. Our service is backed by a real warranty that respects, rather than limits, your rights as a Spray-Net customer.

Formulation to Application

We take our products from formulation to application— from the paint lab directly to your home. All of our exclusive products are specifically formulated for spray application with our equipment and for each exterior surface that we renew. By controlling what goes into our paint and how it’s applied, we ensure optimal results at every stage of the painting process.

Like-New Factory Finish

By using only top of the line additives, surface-tailored resins and solar-reflective pigments in our paint formulas, we produce a flawless, like-new factory finish free of brush and roller marks that looks absolutely new… not repainted. The final product achieves a factory hardness that’s weather-resistant, scratch-resistant and won’t peel.

Quick & Cost-Effective

Our one-day exterior painting solution allows you to quickly transform your renovation into an investment. At a fraction of the cost of brand-new siding, doors and windows, we offer an affordable alternative to replacement that actually lets you see a return on your investment.

15-Year Warranty

We offer our customers a real 15-year warranty against peeling, free of weather-related conditions to give you peace of mind during your renovation. If you’re selling your home, let buyers know that our warranty is transferableRead more about our 15-year warranty.

Environmentally Friendly

We are an eco-friendly painting company that uses water soluble and low-VOC exterior paint. Our expert crews also use a specific spraying technique which drastically reduces the amount of overspray in the air.