Why Spray-Net?


You want to update the look of your home, but you’re thinking of replacing your siding, doors and windows because you want to give your home a modern, brand-new look… not a repainted one. Even if you wanted to go the exterior painting route, aluminum and vinyl doors and windows aren’t surfaces that can be typically painted using conventional methods. That’s where our exterior painters and our on-site factory painting solution come in!

Think of Spray-Net as the solution between conventional painting and siding, door and window replacement! Whether it’s for your aluminum or vinyl siding, stucco, brick and even your front and garage doors and windows, our exterior house painters deliver a permanent factory-finish that won’t peel and looks just like-new… not repainted! By giving you a new kind of paint finish, our on-site factory painting solution boosts your home’s curb appeal in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of replacement!

Spray-Net’s exterior painting services can revamp and transform your:

  • Aluminum siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Hardie Board
  • Stucco
  • Front and Garage Doors
  • PVC and Aluminum Windows
  • Soffits, fascia and gutters



We do things differently when it comes to exterior house painting. By digging deep into the chemistry or paint, we recreate the process of factory painting right at your doorstep!

We formulate a unique coating for each exterior surface

We cut out the middle-man paint manufacturer. Instead, we formulate our own coatings using the latest technology for ultra-high performance and a permanent factory finish. Since your siding needs a hard finish and your stucco needs a flexible one, we’ve created a unique coating for each surface we renew for optimal results.

We adjust it to the weather

Thanks to our patent-pending weather-adjustable paint technology, we can adjust our coatings on-site to deal with the real-time heat, humidity and wind- just like in the paint factory! Once we input the weather parameters into our software, The Spray-Network, it tells us how to adjust the paint to create the ideal chemistry that can withstand the weather for a successful factory finish. You can say that the last step of the paint formulation process happens right in your driveway!


We spray it on smooth

Our specialized spraying equipment results in a streak-free, flawless finish that lays smooth on siding, doors and windows and fills the nooks and crannies of brick and stucco. One sprayed application results in the equivalent of 4 brush and roller coats, but in a fraction of the time. Now that’s cost-effective renovating!


We’re exterior house painters, but our mission is to deliver more than just a paint job. Our mission is to provide homeowners like you, who are looking to replace your siding, doors and windows, with a new kind of paint finish that results in a factory-quality finish and durability...but for a fraction of the price! Why pay a premium for an on-site factory paint finish? Because if you have to spend money repainting your home every 3-5 years because of chipping and peeling, it’s no longer cost-effective.

While most Spray-Net revamps are done in a day, we won’t skimp out on quality for the sake of speed. We’ll take the extra time to deliver the factory-quality finish you payed for!

Our turn-key exterior painting service includes:

  • A free at-home quote and consultation
  • Paint formulation
  • Surface preparation, including minor repairs
  • End of day clean-up
  • Our 15-year No-Peel Warranty

All you have to do is sit back and watch as we transform your home!

Take a look at some of our transformations and see Spray-Net's signature factory-quality finish for yourself!

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