Exterior Paint for Hardie Board Siding

You thought you had to replace your Hardie board siding? Discover our fiber-cement exterior paint & save on the costs of replacement!

Our exterior paint for Hardie board and fiber-cement siding makes it possible to renew Hardie-board that has chipped and faded over the years!

At the same time that it revamps your siding’s weathered appearance, our exterior paint for Hardi is formulated with cross-linking technology and ceramic microspheres to produce a rock-solid, factory finish that reinforces the durability of your Hardie board.

By coating your fiber-cement siding with industrial-strength additives, resins and pigments, our exterior paint allows you to save on the unnecessary cost of replacing this exceptionally durable siding.

Formulated with OPTIMA-Colour Technology and superior solar-reflective pigments, our Hardie board coating results in optimal hide and rich colour coverage and prevents excessive heat buildup for long-lasting results.

Characteristics and Benefits

Extreme Temperature Adaptability

Prevents cracking, blistering, chipping & peeling even during extreme changes in temperature.

UV-Guard Technology

Solar-reflective pigments block harsh UV rays to prevent premature fading & discolouration.

Optima-Colour Technology

High-grade inorganic pigments result in even, maximum coverage for rich & long-lasting colour retention.

Built-in Primer

Integrated primer & adhesion promoter allows for maximum adhesion on even the most powdered of sidings.

Cross-linking Technology

Creates a tight microscopic bond that produces a smooth, factory-hard finish that is permanent & will not peel or chalk.


Results in a weather-resistant finish that prevents dents, scratches and scuffs caused by harsh weather such as wind-driven rain & hail.


Semi-elastomeric resins create a flexible finish that prevents cracking, but is durable enough to withstand power-washing with chemical detergents.

Stain, Dirt & Mildew Resistance

Allows for quick & easy washing after the harsh winter season.