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Exterior Spray Painting

Our exterior spray painting technique produces a pristine, streak-free finish 

Compared to a brush and roller, exterior spray painting is the optimal way to achieve an immaculate, streak-free factory finish when painting your house. Our high-performance products are specifically designed for outdoor spray application and therefore result in flawless, long-lasting results.

After painting thousands of homes, we’ve developed an exterior spray painting technique that allows us to limit the amount of overspray in the air and on surrounding surfaces. When little overspray does occur, innovative Dry-Fall Technology causes paint particles suspended in mid-air to simply dry up and fall to the ground. Our seasoned exterior spray painting technique also increases the transfer efficiency of our coatings, so paint actually ends up on the surface… and not in the air.

Exterior spray painting in our mobile spray booth

To go one step further in the at-home factory experience, we've engineered a mobile spray booth to help our crew of house painters spray paint a front door during unexpected weather conditions. Once we remove your front door, it enters the mobile spray booth where it is spray painted in a controlled and ventilated environment, away from unideal weather conditions. We make sure that whether its excessive wind, heat, humidity or rain, we don't let it compromise a flawless, long-lasting finish.