Industrial Painting

In-house industrial painting for door and window manufacturers

Alongside the homes that we paint and renew for homeowners, we also offer industrial painting services for door and window manufacturers whose customers no longer want generic, white doors and windows! We offer a wide variety of colours for you to choose from, all formulated with a combination of superior inorganic pigments that are specifically optimized for exterior use. When it comes to industrial painting for your customers, we’ve got you covered.

To meet all of your industrial painting needs—and of course, the needs of your customers—we use our advanced coating for doors and windows to create a permanent, streak-free finish. Formulated with superior quality resins, our coating creates a factory hard finish and an ultra-protective film with high-traffic scratch resistance and powerful UV blocking power. The finished product won’t peel and is impressively resistant to scratches, scuffs and fading… exactly what homeowners want when it comes to their doors and windows.

We can also paint surfaces like metal siding, railings, planks, containers and much more.

Call us for your outdoor industrial painting project

For those industrial painting projects that can't be done in a factory, we're exactly the people you want to work with. Our residential exterior renovation solution was actually inspired by the industrial painting industry. When people think of permanent paint, they tend to think of industrial painting in the controlled environment of a factory. We wanted to change that.

Instead of sticking to the regular brush and roller application and generic commercial products, we thought, “why not use factory products and find a way to bring them on-site to homeowners?” After hundreds of hours of research and real-world field testing, we created an exclusive line of industrial-strength products made with the latest in coatings technology that could now be used outdoors, in an uncontrolled environment.

Our superior products and specialized spraying equipment create a permanent factory finish on metal, aluminum and steel siding on factories, plants and other types of industrial buildings.