Franchise Opportunities

We’ve transformed our exterior painting solution into a profitable franchise opportunity

Spray-Net combines the best of both worlds between paint applied in a factory and on site. With all our projects, we guarantee a maintenance-free, quality factory-finish that leaves your house looking as good as new, and not just repainted. Whether for doors, windows or the siding of a house, Spray-Net’s permanent outdoor paint solution represents all the advantages of a care-free home revitalization at a fraction the cost of replacement. Our unique process makes both an aesthetic enhancement and an increase in property value possible in just one day! In fact, we allow owners to save up to 75% of replacement costs while achieving an unmatched return on investment compared to other methods of renovation. This unique position makes Spray-Net the best home renovation option available.

According to the CMHC, the average cost of a renovation is actually almost five times higher than Spray-Net's typical restoration cost which is easily outweighed by the increase in curb appeal and as a result property value. Our service offers an immediate positive return on investment for homeowners and is quickly becoming the most cost-effective way to renovate.



Spray-Net ranks high on the list of emerging opportunities. Our business model and proven strategic plan is destined to conquer a significant market share in the field of renovation, which is experiencing strong growth. According to data compiled by the CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation), 81% of Ontario homeowners say they plan to use their savings to renovate their property; and 79% of them prepared to sell their homes and wanted to rejuvenate its appearance in order to increase its value. All excellent reasons for them to call us as our service is essential for homeowners who wish to enhance their property through a service which offers unbeatable quality at an unmatched price, all in a single day!

For more information on our franchise opportunities, call us at 1-877-45-SPRAY or email and a member of our franchise recruitment team will get back to you!