The Day I Surprised my Wife with a New Home

A New Home, the Ultimate Surprise

Jason and Andrea are your typical young homeowner couple. Newly-married, they’ve just purchased their first home. As one of the first major investments of their life, their budget was naturally limited. That’s why they had to prioritize. They fell in love with the interior of a house in Niagara, ON and figured they would eventually revamp the exterior.

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Their exterior siding is sheet metal. Originally, it was white, but a chalky film over it made it look dirty and gray. Andrea and Jason quickly realized that they would have to paint their home sooner rather than later. As a former house painter, he was discouraged knowing how long it would take him to brush and roll his entire siding.

When a friend of his shared a video of Spray-Net on Facebook, he was astonished: “The fact that you can get a house painted in less than 3 days was the reason why I chose Spray-Net” he said, “I figured I would get a quote to see if I could afford it!”

The couple's home before the surprise

The Secret

But Jason had a plan, he wanted to surprise his wife Andrea with a new home: “I kept it a secret by getting the quote done while she was at work,” the Spray-Net team showed up to the young couple’s house and assured Jason they could complete the project. This was perfect, “I had the project scheduled to be completed while we were on our honeymoon in St. Lucia.” While they were away, Jason’s family took over: “I had them help me get some stuff done around the outside of the house while we were gone so she wouldn’t get suspicious. When the Spray-Net guys showed up on our doorstep, my family was here to let them start their work.”

“Our house was somewhat outdated,” Jason continues, “It was your regular red brick house with white siding. It needed a huge uplift!” The Spray-Net colour consultant helped Jason pick the right palette to give the couple’s home a more modern look: “We had our metal siding and eaves troughs painted a light gray, but the brick was the biggest transformation: we painted it a charcoal gray.”

The Surprise

Jason had his family take pictures of the like-new house: “When he showed me the photos, I didn’t really know what he was showing me” Andrea recalls, “then I realized it was our house! I was just really surprised. I knew Jason was up to something, I just didn’t know what!” And while Andrea’s husband wanted to surprise his wife, it was a gift for the both of them: “I was just as excited as her to see it when we got home!”

The couple's home after the surprise

“I was just shocked that Jason had planned this project and that all of our family – but me – knew about it!” Andrea says, “It really looks like a new house, and our neighbours still talk about it today. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing.” Jason is just as enthusiastic: “I would absolutely recommend Spray-Net to family and friends. No one loves renovations, but if you can get something that totally revamps your house and adds value to it done in less than three days, why wouldn’t you do it?”

Excellent question, Jason, why wouldn’t you?

Aluminum Siding – Should I Paint or Replace?

Aluminum siding is extremely durable: waterproof, resistant to corrosion & mold, won’t blow off in strong winds like wood shingles… you name it! These are only a few of the reasons why you should fight for yours. If it’s starting to wear out, don’t worry! There’s still hope.

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Your aluminum siding may be discoloured, dented, oxidized, it may be chalking or even bare to the metal. All these are completely normal: siding ages.

Aluminum siding that needs to be painted
Pale, 1970’s aluminum siding.

You might think you can’t paint your aluminum siding, but chances are you actually can!

Turns out, most aluminum siding problems are due to regular wear-and-tear and can be painted instead of replaced. So here you are, wondering whether you should paint or replace your aluminum siding…

Example of a painted aluminum siding
Aluminum siding transformed in Windswept Smoke.

We’ve evaluated thousands of homes with aluminum siding, so we came up with a short infographic to help you get your answer.


Should I paint or replace my aluminum siding?

We’ve encountered very few customers who’ve had to completely replace their aluminum siding. By now, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a surface that you can almost always paint.

To sum it up:

It is possible to revamp your aluminium siding by repainting if:

  • It is discoloured or faded
  • It is dirty or stained
  • It is chalking
  • It is almost bare to the metal
  • It has a few little dents in it

These problems aren’t big issues. Aluminum siding, despite its great durability, does wear and eventually tear. But as long as you use good quality paint for aluminum siding – which results in a hard, high scratch-resistant film – and application – to reinforce that durability – you can most definitely prolong your aluminum siding’s lifespan.

Painting job on aluminum siding in Montreal, before and now

It is impossible to paint your aluminum siding when:

  • It is perforated in too many places (across multiple planks)
  • It has major dents in it
  • It is no longer structurally sound or fully attached to the home
  • It has been repainted by someone else on top of its factory finish
  • It has excessive oxidation

If your aluminum siding has a structural problem, things get more complicated. Paint will help you in the case of minor dents, holes and even in the presence of a little rust. But if it is completely perforated, no longer attached to your house or completely oxidized – which translates into white rust – then paint is no longer a cost-effective/viable option for you.

Why we don’t suggest painting over a surface that’s already been painted over its factory finish

Thing is, if there’s any sort of preparation or application problem with the first coat of paint, there’s a high chance that it will cause the second coat of paint to chip, peel, etc. Sure, you can strip it, but when you start getting into paint stripping, the project is no longer cost effective.

We can’t determine exactly how long it will take to completely strip the paint, which also means you can’t get an exact price for your project.

For these reasons, we won’t paint your siding if it’s already been painted because we deliver permanent results that we can stand behind. Doesn’t mean someone else won’t paint it!

Partial Replacement: the hybrid solution between painting and replacing your aluminum siding

This is a great cost-effective solution that many people forget about. Even if a few planks are perforated or have major dents, they can still be individually replaced by planks of new siding if the same aluminum siding is still available on the market.

Replace the planks that are too damaged to paint, spray the rest!

Are you planning on selling your house?

Replacing your aluminum siding is expensive, very expensive. Why spend all that money when you know that you’re not going to stay for much longer? For as long as your aluminum siding is in a good enough shape, paint it.

Replacement would be anything but a sensible investment.

Low-Cost x Curb Appeal = High Value

Painting job on aluminum siding in Montreal

What’s so great about your aluminum siding?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t give up on your aluminum siding quite yet:

  • Insulation: aluminum has excellent insulating properties… much better than vinyl siding, for example.
    • It allows you to keep the cost of heating and cooling your house down.
  • Resistant: aluminum is a super material. What do we mean by that?
    • It is waterproof.
    • It does not swell, rot or rust.
    • It is insect-proof (this is more important than it sounds).
    • It is fire-resistant (this is just as important as it sounds).
  • Cold weather: aluminum fares better than vinyl in cold weather.
    • Unlike its plastic counterpart, it’s not sensitive to temperature changes, meaning it won’t become brittle or tough, and therefore won’t start cracking.

So, should you paint or replace your aluminum siding? If despite our best efforts you’re still unsure, one of our local consultants would love to take a close look and evaluate the state of your siding!