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Jaclyn Colville: Interior Stylist, TV Host and Spray-Net Customer

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Kimberley Melo-Serpa septembre 19,2017

This is the story of Jaclyn Colville, the interior stylist who chose Spray-Net to transform the outside of her home.

You might have heard of Jaclyn Colville before. With over 6,000 followers on Twitter and almost 3,000 fans on Facebook and Instagram, she is not your average homeowner.

As a current TV host and interior stylist for Karin Bennett Designs, she knows a thing or two about curb appeal… but lacked the required expertise to revamp her house exterior. That’s how it all started…


Meet Jaclyn Colville, the Design Expert who Picked Spray-Net for her Home Renovation

Jaclyn Colville house before the transformation

Spray-Net: Tell us about yourself:  where do you live? What do you do for a living?
Jaclyn Colville: My name is Jaclyn Colville. After a year of searching and bidding, my husband and I finally just moved to our dream area in Burlington, Ontario. I’m a TV Host and Interior Stylist.

SN: How did you initially hear about Spray-Net?
JC: I initially heard about Spray-Net from a spread in Style at Home Magazine. I LOVED the ‘before and afters’ that I saw and instantly went to their website. Ever since I’ve always wanted to contact Spray-Net for a quote. I just needed the right project for it!

SN: Why did you contact Spray-Net? What was the reason for your revamp?
JC: My husband and I were looking to attempt our very first home reno. We bought a 1950’s home and completely gutted the house. Once we got working on the inside transformation, we realized that the exterior really needed it as well. We didn’t want to paint the house so when we found Spray-Net, we thought it was the absolute best option for us.

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Spray-Net: Did you also do research to replace the surface in question?
Jaclyn Colville: We looked into painting our exterior but quickly decided against it. We’ve heard endless stories where the paint has faded, chipped or peeled just years after. I should mention that we have a baby on the way and truthfully we just don’t need the extra worry or the maintenance!

SN: What convinced you to work with Spray-Net? What stood out to you about our service versus other painting contractors?
JC: My favourite thing about Spray-Net was the guarantee. No chipping, peeling, fading… you just can’t beat that! That was my original reasoning anyways. You should see the end result! We have had countless people fully inspect our property and they all just rave about what a FANTASTIC job the Spray-Net team did. I couldn’t agree more. I seriously would highly recommend their services. Not only were they extremely professional, they were fast, efficient and paid close attention to detail.

Jaclyn Colville house after the transformation

SN: What impressed you the most / did you enjoy most about your Spray-Net experience?
JC: The ‘after’. It was just unbelievable! I was extremely impressed with the finish of the brick stain. The surface is so smooth it’s hard to believe it was a different colour brick before.

SN: How long did the revamp take to complete?
JC: It only took a matter of hours. The crew was setting up by 8:00 am and I believe they wrapped up at around 1:00 pm. It was incredible how fast they got everything done.

SN: What do you have to say about the final transformation of your home?
JC: I would do it over again if it cost double! The transformation is just absolutely worth it. Our house went from dated to dramatic in a matter of hours.

SN: Did any of your neighbours take notice? Did you receive any compliments?
JC: We love seeing all of the neighbours reactions. We’ve had people drive from out of town JUST to see how the colour of our brick turned out. They all love it! You’d honestly be shocked at the number of people that slow down to look when they’re driving or even walking by.

SN: Would you recommend Spray-Net to your family and friends? If so, why?
JC: Absolutely! We can’t rave enough about the process, the team and the end results. Our dated 1950s home not only looks but really feels like home now.

Thank you Spray-Net! We are beyond thrilled with our experience!

before/after transformation in burlington, ontario

Some background information on the project by Marc Belanger, from Spray-Net Hamilton

  • How old was the house? 1950’s
  • What did you revamp? Brick (front, two sides and section at the back of the garage)
  • How much did it cost? $3,500 for the entire project (fixing and prepping the surface, applying the brick stain as well as our 15-year warranty against peeling)

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