Exterior spray painting services in Toronto



Thanks to our advanced industrial-strength coatings and spraying technique, we deliver a wide-range of exterior spray painting services in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville. In just one day, our crew can spray and transform:


  • Aluminum and vinyl siding
  • Stucco
  • Brick
  • Aluminum and vinyl windows
  • Aluminum and metal front and garage doors
  • Soffits, fascias, gutters, shutters and trim


We also take care of thoroughly prepping the surface prior to spraying on our coatings in order to ensure optimal paint adhesion. This includes:

  • Power washing aluminum and vinyl siding at high speed. We conduct a water-scrape to get rid of all powder and chalk build-up on the surface.
  • Power washing stucco and masonry at the optimal pressure to prevent damage to the surface
  • Fixing minor repairs, such as dents in siding and hairline cracks in stucco


To ensure your exterior spray painting project remains neat and tidy, our crew will carefully mask all necessary surfaces on your home, as well as protect your shrubs, flowers, patio furniture and decks. To limit the amount of overspray in the air, our crew is trained to use a specific spraying technique that ensures paint is directed toward the surface and not in the air. Finally, all Spray-Net coatings are formulated with unique dry-fall technology, causing paint particles in mid-air to simply dry up, and fall to the ground in powder form. We make sure that your exterior home makeover is hassle-free.


We offer free at-home painting estimates to homeowners all over Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton and nearby suburbs! Request your estimate below!




exterior painters in Boucherville

Exterior painters in Boucherville & the South Shore of Montreal who bring factory-quality results right to your doorstep

Our exterior painters in Boucherville travel all over the South Shore of Montreal to deliver our innovative permanent paint solution to homeowners! As the first Spray-Net location, we’ve revamped thousands of homes. Whether it’s for painting aluminum siding, painting doors and windows or even staining brick, homeowners choose us as their preferred exterior painting contractors because we deliver more than a regular paint job. We deliver like-new, factory-quality results for long-lasting curb appeal. No matter the size of your exterior painting project, our professional and experienced exterior spray painters will revamp your home by the end of the day. Imagine leaving for work and coming home to a brand-new looking home… that’s what we do!

Why our residential exterior painters in Boucherville and the South Shore of Montreal?

BLURB: We do things differently when it comes to painting. We’ve taken the process of factory painting and we’ve optimized it for exterior spray application. This allows our team of residential exterior painters in Boucherville, Longueuil, Brossard, Chateauguay, Valleyfield, Sorel-Tracy and everywhere in between to bring factory-quality results right to your doorstep.

POP-UP: We’ve formulated our own line of premium industrial-strength coatings, each uniquely tailored to the specific properties of an exterior surface. Our coatings are even weather adjustable, so our exterior spray painters can speed up or slow down dry time on-site to deal with the heat, humidity and wind on the very day of your renovation. For every project, the result is a permanent finish that won’t peel and that looks flawless and brand-new…not repainted.


H3: Exterior house painting services on the South Shore of Montreal

We specialize in one thing to be the best at it- and that’s exterior painting. Our exterior house painting services include painting aluminum and vinyl siding, stucco, front and garage doors, windows, and thanks to our exclusive brick stain, we can even stain and refresh the colour of your brick for a complete colour transformation! By formulating a premium coating for each of these surfaces, we ensure a permanent finish you simply can’t get anywhere else.

How Much Does it Cost to Spray-Net My Home? How We Determine the Price of a Painting Project


The questions we get most often from potential customers are, “what’s the price for Spray-Net to paint my home?” often followed by, “how much does it cost per square foot?” The truth is, that’s not a simple, clear-cut question to answer. There are so many variables involved in revamping your home and each one will impact the price. To provide you with a fixed price and avoid unnecessary surprises during your renovation, we created a proprietary pricing algorithm and built it into our software, The Spray-Network. This allows us to provide all of our customers with a fair and accurate price, every time. To show you how it works, we’ve outlined the main factors that go into calculating the price for a Spray-Net project.

But first, what’s the Spray-Network and a proprietary algorithm?
Thanks to a small handful of shady contractors out there, we renovation contractors can sometimes get a bad rep when it comes to providing homeowners with prices for their projects. You’re probably not alone if you’ve received a renovation quote and thought, “is that discount really a discount, or did they just up the price from the get-go?” To prevent our customers from ever having to ask themselves such questions, we built the Spray-Network!

The Spray-Network is the software we custom-built for every aspect of our business, especially providing homeowners with accurate quotes they can trust. It creates a standardized, methodical workflow to obtain a price for a project. No veering off-course or taking a DIY-approach to quoting. And this workflow is based on our proprietary pricing algorithm. An algorithm is a fancy word for a set of rules used to calculate or solve something. We determined these rules by analyzing a subset of our bank of over 5000 consumer contracts and mapping out our pricing process from A to Z, identifying all of the possible variables (big or small) that could affect the price of a project (outlined below). How many walls are we painting? Does your home have peaks? Dormers? Trim? You name it, the Spray-Network considers everything. The result? A fair, transparent and accurate price for every project with no detail left out and most importantly, no surprise costs once we’re on-site.

The 7 Factors that determine the price of a Spray-Net revamp:

  1. Masking: Some walls require almost no masking at all, while others have multiple things on them, like doors and windows, that must be masked and protected. Some surfaces are also just more intricate to mask. Since masking is actually the longest part of the job, this variable is one of the most important when calculating price. You probably thought square footage, huh?
  2. Accessibility: Masking and spraying a wall or window on the second floor of a two-storey house is naturally more difficult and time consuming than, let’s say, working on a bungalow at ground-level. Then, there are obstacles like solariums that also affect the accessibility of a surface and make it slightly more complex for us to set-up to paint. As a result, more time is allocated for hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Surface Type: Each one of our coatings is custom-formulated for a specific exterior surface. Given each surface has different characteristics, the thickness and properties of each product vary (along with the spray equipment needed for application and the preparation process). For example, a thick elastomeric coating for stucco will take slightly longer to apply than a thinner coating for doors and windows. An important advantage of our surface-tailored approach is that it allows us to offer a cost-effective solution. Contrary to the multi-coat, super-paint system which uses the same expensive product on all surfaces, our hyper-customized approach ensures that you only pay for the coating ingredients your surface actually needs. It also ensures that each coating does one specific job… and does it well. Stucco needs flexibility and aluminum siding needs hardness. How can one coating do both properly?
  4. Repairs: We change damaged aluminum and vinyl planks, fill hairline cracks in stucco and repair dents on doors and siding. The more repairs there are, the longer it takes us to prepare the job for the revamp.
  5. Caulking: We always replace caulking when revamping your home to not only match your new paint color, but to ensure proper adhesion of our coating. As a rule of thumb, old caulking takes much longer to remove.
  6. Number of Colours: Are we going with a two-tone colour revamp? This option is really popular and looks amazing, but we have to double mask. This means we spray on the first color, give it time to cure and then re-mask to be able to spray the second color. Given that masking is the longest part of the job, this again affects the price of a job.
  7. Size: This one might seem like the most obvious, but it’s surprisingly not the most impactful factor for calculating a price for a project, which is why we try not to provide prices over the phone based on square-footage alone. A large surface with little masking will be much cheaper per square foot then a small surface with lots of masking. If you watch us paint your home from start to finish, you’ll see that masking and unmasking (and not the actual spraying) is the longest part of the job.

Like Google, we totally get that you want instant answers- especially when it comes to renovating your home, since you’re most likely evaluating different options and getting a bunch of quotes from different contractors. But, when it comes to a project as intricate as painting the exterior of your home, providing you with a price over the phone based on size alone and without properly evaluating all of the above factors can end up being misleading. And our goal is to avoid surprises when it comes to renovating (not creating them), why is why we offer all homeowners a free-at home consultation to get a price for their project. And while you might have to schedule some time to meet with us, at least the Spray-Network is pretty quick at calculating the price for your project once we get there!

5 signs your home’s exterior is outdated & how to fix it


With over 7000 exterior revamps under our belts, it’s safe to say we can easily spot an outdated exterior when we see one. Sure, some classics live forever, but most fads that were “in” decades ago are making your home look old and reminiscent of the decade it was constructed in. And just like most fads, they gotta go.

If you never really gave your home’s curb appeal a thought or you’re just unsure as to which trends are passé, here are the top 5 signs your home’s exterior is outdated and that it’s time for an update:

1 – Blue, red or green aluminum siding:

Don’t get us wrong, we love the use of colour on a home. Who doesn’t love a colourful country or cottage-style home? But, if your home isn’t one of these two styles and if it was built between the 70’s and 80’s, bright blue, red or green aluminum siding is making your home stick out… and not in a good way. And if you plan on selling your home in the future, these unconventional “out there” colours will probably turn off potential buyers.

The fix? Tone down an intense hue by using a more contemporary colour and most importantly, a colour that most people are used to seeing on a home, like grey or beige. We promise, neutral colours will actually go with the style of your home and do a much better job at enhancing curb appeal. Remember to stick within the same family of warm or cool colours on your home. For instance, if your home already features warm tones, stick to beige. If it’s more on the “cool” side, stick to grey.

2 – Pink brick:

Many exterior color trends that were huge decades ago are a complete deal breaker today. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but pink brick is definitely one of those trends. Particularly popular in the province of Quebec, today pink brick on a home screams, “hi, I’m from the 80’s.” Whether you’re a pink brick homeowner from Quebec or another province, it’s officially time to give your brick the facelift it’s been patiently waiting for all these years.

3 – Generic white siding:

White siding is the exterior equivalent to white appliances. Just like white appliances, white siding is dull and it’s hard to keep clean. It also lacks aesthetic appeal (especially when it covers more than half of your house). Of course, white can be beautiful on a home when used as an accent colour to accentuate features like trim, doors and windows; but if majority of your house is white, it’s time for a revamp.

Here’s a general rule of thumb: if you’d like to keep your doors and windows white, paint your white siding in a contrasting colour so they pop. If you’d like to update the colour of your doors and windows in a dark colour, select a lighter colour for your siding. Remember that contrast is key for a successful exterior colour palette that brings out the features of your home.

4 – Spotted brown brick:

We love brick just as much as the next guy or girl, but let’s face it: not all brick looks the same. While your mid-century red brick can achieve that modern, industrial look when paired with shades of black or grey, the same can’t be said for all types of brick. Spotted, multi-coloured brick is one of those old-fashioned trends that has done its time and needs to go.

Not only does it look outdated, the use of so many colours sort of resembles camouflage pants! Follow our above colour tips for choosing a colour for your brick, but first make sure your brick can be stained by checking to see if it can absorb water. If it can, good news: this means your brick will be able to absorb our stain and it can get that much needed makeover!

5 – Yellow & Brown Siding & Brick:

Off-white, yellowish-coloured siding has been used on homes for decades. Today, it’s no longer the go-to colour for new constructions, making it a clear sign of an outdated exterior. Coupled with the once popular brown (almost orange) brick, the look is overly “earthy” and very 70’s.

If your home sports this 70’s look and you REALLY want a huge transformation and curb appeal boost, move away from those earth-toned colours and -you guessed it- go the opposite route and choose grey or even navy blue for a nautical look.

It might be a bummer to hear that the look of your home is outdated, but luckily there’s no need for a huge, month-long, expensive renovation. All you need are new modern and fresh exterior paint colours to turn your outdated exterior into a façade you (and others) will love to look at! Even with some helpful tips, picking exterior paint colours for our home can seem a little daunting. So, if you’re sure your home needs a new look but unsure about which exterior paint colours to choose, we offer free at-home consultations to provide you with a quote for your project and help you select just the right colours to boost curb appeal and modernize the look of your home!


What’s Really In Your Painting Warranty?

Whether you’re shopping for a professional exterior painting contractor to paint your home or the best exterior paint to do-it-yourself, a major concern for homeowners is the painting warranty. What happens if the paint peels? If it blisters? If the finish is uneven and streaky? If you own a home, you know you’re always spending on something: replacing this and fixing that. In this never-ending cycle of home expenses, a warranty means peace of mind. It makes sense, then, to look for the painting warranty that promises the longest product life. But how do you know if the warranty is actually reliable and not full of loopholes? The truth is, most warranty claims are used to entice you into buying and are rarely fulfilled. As Consumer Report flatly states, “you shouldn’t expect a team of uniformed pros to arrive at your house if the paint or stain you used fails early.”

Whether you’re doing-it-yourself or hiring a painting contractor to paint your house for you, we put together the info you need to know in order to spot a genuine painting warranty from an empty sales tactic.

What “lifetime” really means

When it comes to off-the-shelf exterior latex paint, the duration of the warranty isn’t necessarily an indication of how long the paint job will actually last. Weird, right? A Consumer Reports test revealed that in general, the best outdoor paints and stains used on siding usually last 9 years before requiring repainting or maintenance, regardless of offering a lifetime warranty! If you take a look at the Limited Lifetime Warranties of leading paint manufacturers Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, lifetime is defined as “the period beginning on the date that you purchased the coating and continuing as long as you own such Home.” And you guessed it, these warranties are not transferable to new property owners.

Rule #1: a lifetime warranty doesn’t necessarily mean a life-long paint job. 9 years is pretty good, but it’s not a lifetime. When selecting an exterior paint, it’s best to read up on real-world testing for application and durability instead of relying on the warranty as an indicator of how long the paint film will last.

How Paint Manufacturers Avoid Paying

When you read the fine print on most paint warranties, you’ll quickly notice statements like, “when used in accordance with the label instructions,” or “shall not apply to any defect or damage resulting from improper surface preparation… or application.” These sneaky statements usually make up what’s called the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Put simply, good luck to you or your contractor to prove that not only was the surface prepped properly, but that the paint was also applied properly… AND during the specified weather conditions as recommended on the label! If you or your contractor are amongst the successful few to prove this, consider yourself pretty lucky, as many paint manufacturers will go to great lengths to prove a defect was caused by improper paint prep or application and not the product itself. Finally, you’ll also realize that most warranties only cover the cost of the paint itself. No labour costs.

The Limitations of the Popular Two-Year Limited Warranty

Now, let’s take a look at some of the lingo in the standard two-year limited warranty that many leading exterior painting contractors provide. At first glance, it seems like you’re getting a pretty good deal. When you look at what the warranty doesn’t cover, however, you start to realize that the coverage of the warranty begins to fade. These warranties typically don’t cover damage due to ordinary wear and year, extreme weather conditions (hello Canadian weather) and fading and discolouration are practically creatures of fiction in most painting warranties.

Product Warranty Versus Service Warranty

It’s important to be aware of the difference between a product warranty and a service warranty when it comes to house painting, as one implies covering some additional costs. A product warranty means you’ll merely be provided with the paint, and the rest of the expense (the more expensive labour cost) is still on you. A service warranty implies that the application of the paint will be included. When you receive your painting contract, take a look at the back and check exactly what type of warranty is covering your project.

You should also be aware of sub-contractors. If your exterior painting contractor subcontracts, they might not warranty those services, let alone the other pitfalls that come from such an arrangement.

What is a Good Warranty?

A good warranty should CLEARLY outline the paint failures that are covered and what the company will do to fix them. In our opinion, it shouldn’t make it nearly impossible for consumers to actually exercise their rights nor shift liability to external factors that are difficult to measure.

We built our warranty with our customers in mind. Instead of creating hurdles, we removed the hassles. And we’re able to do this because we cut out ALL middlemen and we control the entire painting process: from paint formulation to application™. Unlike most conventional house painters, we formulate our own coatings in our in-house paint lab. We don’t use off-the-shelf products, so we’re not bound to the warranties of a separate paint manufacturer. And unlike manufacturers who just make paint, we also apply it, so our customers don’t have to worry about the “bad application” song and dance.

The Spray-Net Warranty:

  • We cover the cost of product and labour: there are no expenses for our customers to cover.
  • We offer a 15-year warranty against peeling, without any weather conditions attached: since we’ve formulated a line of innovative coatings that can be adjusted to real-time weather conditions on-site to ensure optimal application and adhesion, there’s no need to include the limitation of weather in our warranty. Alongside peeling, our warranty also covers blistering and cracking.
  • We offer a 10-year warranty against premature/excessive fading and discolouration: depending on the intensity and duration of sun exposure to an exterior surface, some fading over the years should naturally be expected. But if your dark brown garage door starts to look more pink than brown after just 5 years, that’s not normal fading. To prevent excessive fading and to prolong the general fade resistance of our coatings, we use superior UV resistant, industrial-grade resins and inorganic pigments. Unlike conventional latex paint, our coatings contain a much higher quantity of resins. The job of a resin is to encapsulate or “hug and protect” the pigments to prevent them from fading. Resins are pretty expensive, but the less resins in a coating, the more fading you’ll see.


Have any questions on our warranty or services? Feel free to ask one of our experts during your at-home consultation. Just send us your information by filling out the details below and we’ll contact you shortly to set up your appointment with one of our experts!