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What’s your guarantee on fading?

Rebecca Forsyth April 08,2019

We offer a 10-year warranty on premature fading and discolouration. Since we use only the highest grade solar-reflective pigments, they’ll last for an exceptionally long time without any fading and will consistently outperform the pigments found in any commercial product. Since we also use lower gloss to hide the imperfections in exterior siding, gloss reduction will also be quite minimal. Regardless of the superior quality of our products, there are factors outside of our control which affect exterior fade durability, like the intensity and duration of direct sun exposure per wall. Some walls of your home get much more sun exposure than others and those walls, therefore, will naturally fade quicker than others. Another important factor to consider is the paint colour that you select. Vibrant colours like red and blue will always fade quicker than neutral colours. To be extra safe, we avoid using excessive amounts of reds and blues in our colour recipes.