Most people confuse the difference between spray-applied paint and electrostatic paint. Electrostatic paint is oil-based and is commonly used in the industrial sector to paint difficult to paint shapes, like cylinders. Using an electrical charge, paint is propelled toward the surface to create a perfect, even finish. This isn’t necessary in the residential sector because we use non-toxic, water-based products.

The water content of our products, as well as the painting of mostly non-metal surfaces, wouldn’t allow for a sufficient electrical charge. The big appeal of electrostatic painting is the low-fume property of the technique. All of our paints and coatings are specifically designed for spray application, and combined with our spray equipment, result in a high transfer efficiency and minimal amount of overspray. When it comes to painting the exterior of a home, we’ve created the best products and have mastered the techniques to create a like-new, factory finish.

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