Vinyl Siding

We’ve made painting vinyl siding a real alternative to replacement

Many homeowners believe that painting vinyl siding isn’t even possible. Instead, they undertake the expensive process of completely replacing their vinyl siding. Compared to older vinyl, new vinyl is actually thinner and embedded with weaker pigments, resulting in a siding that is prone to cracking and fading. Our vinyl coating is formulated with top-of-the-line solar-reflective pigments that absorb much less heat than those found in regular latex paint. These pigments make it possible for you to paint and upgrade your vinyl siding in a bunch of different colours without worrying about excessive heat buildup, cracking or warping.

Our crew takes special care to properly prep this plastic substrate before painting to achieve optimal adhesion and finish. Together, our uniquely tailored coating for vinyl siding and specialized spray painting technique produce a permanent, factory hard finish free of brush and roller marks which will save you the cost of completely replacing your vinyl siding.

Did you know…

Vinyl siding is made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC? PVC wreaks havoc on the environment through the enormous amount of toxic chemicals that are released into the air during production. Painting and therefore recycling your vinyl siding is much more sustainable and environmentally responsible than tossing out perfectly good vinyl that just needs a makeover!

How to paint vinyl siding the Spray-Net way

  • Before painting your vinyl siding, we preform a high pressure wash using our water-based cleansing solution to remove encrusted dirt, debris, mold and mildew to ensure a clean surface for painting.
  • We repair any holes, cracks or loose planks to create a sturdy and even surface.
  • We mask and protect all surrounding surfaces such as the roof, windows, back and side doors, patio and patio furniture.
  • We spray paint your vinyl siding with our vinyl coating for even and full coverage and when dry, remove all masking. Where necessary, we finish the look by applying new colour-matching caulking.
  • We do a final clean-up and make sure your property is as clean as it was when our team first arrived!

*While our high-performance coatings are formulated to result in a permanent, factory finish on vinyl siding, the end result is dependent on two factors: 1) whether your vinyl is made from PVC or CPVC, and therefore it's ability to withstand heat accumulation; and 2) the manner in which your vinyl siding was installed. Contact us for a free estimate and one of our specialists will evaluate the condition of your vinyl siding prior to paint application.

How to Paint and Renew Vinyl Siding
High-Pressure Wash
Minor Repairs
Mask & Protect
Paint Application
Remove Masking
Final Clean-up