Revive your home’s appearance by painting your aggregate siding

Painting aggregate siding is a guaranteed way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. A concrete-based siding similar to stucco but with tiny rocks encrusted into the surface, aggregate is an extremely durable material that effectively insulates and protects your home.

While visually appealing, aggregate siding is anything but maintenance-free: tiny pores harbour dirt and debris, which over time cause yellowing and staining, and extreme changes in temperature create visible cracks. Our industrial-strength exterior coating for aggregate allows you to paint your aggregate and restore the look of your home. Our flexible, elastomeric formula is 15 times thicker than regular latex paint in order to bridge hairline cracks and firmly hold the tiny stones that form the aggregate into place. Formulated with silicone, the coating effectively repels the outdoor elements for easy washing, making it easy to keep your aggregate and your home looking immaculate all year long!

How to paint aggregate siding the Spray-Net way

  • Before Painting your aggregate siding, we perform a light pressure wash with our water-based paint prep solution to remove encrusted dirt, debris, mold and mildew from the surface.
  • Using an elastomeric caulking filler, we seal all hairlines cracks that are too large to be bridged by the aggregate coating itself, while making sure to hide the repair by replicating the unique pattern of your aggregate.
  • We mask and protect all surrounding surfaces such as the roof, windows, back and side doors, patio and patio furniture.
  • We spray paint your aggregate siding with our flexible, elastomeric coating and when dry, remove all masking. Where necessary, we finish the look by applying new colour-matching caulking.
  • We do a final clean-up and make sure your property is as clean as it was when our team first arrived!
How to Paint and Renew Aggregate
Pressure Wash
Repair Cracks
Mask & Protect
Paint Application
Remove Masking
Final Clean-up