Exterior Siding

Let your home’s exterior siding make a lasting first impression

Using our line of surface-tailored exterior coatings, our experienced crew can paint and renew outdated, faded, discoloured and even powdered exterior siding. Using our proprietary, weather-adjustable exterior paint formulations, we paint and revamp aluminum siding, vinyl siding, stucco, aggregate, hardie-board and brick. 

The exterior siding is the first thing people see as they walk up to your home. It essentially forms and influences a home buyer’s first impression of your home. Whether you want to paint your aluminum siding out of necessity or to attract potential buyers, our spray application creates a thick, even coat that results in a smooth, streak-free finish that looks absolutely like-new and that will set the tone for what’s awaiting inside!

Our exclusive proprietary coatings contain top-of-the-line additives that not only enhance the appearance of your exterior siding, but reinforce its protective properties at the same time. The finished product is permanent, weatherproof and won’t peel. Our industrial-strength coatings actually outperform the factory paint of brand-new siding, allowing you to paint your exterior siding rather than replace it for a cost-effective exterior home makeover.

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