Aluminum & Vinyl Windows

Highlight one of your home’s best features by painting your windows

Painting windows is a cost-effective alternative to replacing generic, white windows that dull the look of your home. Whether you have vinyl or aluminum windows, our exterior paint for windows allows you to paint your windows in a wide variety of different colours to add some personality to your home!

Whether your vinyl windows have faded or your aluminum windows have oxidized and powdered, we can paint your windows using our industrial-strength coating to give them the same look and durability as brand-new windows!

Painting vinyl and aluminum windows is not only much more affordable than completely replacing them, but is a quick and easy way to accent the features of your home and enhance curb appeal!

How to paint vinyl and aluminum windows the Spray-Net way

  • Painting vinyl and aluminum windows is the solution to paying the expensive price of replacing them just for a colour change!
  • We scuff the surface of your windows to remove the shine that prevents optimal paint adhesion.
  • We remove all traces of left-over dust and particles to create a smooth, clean surface for paint application.
  • Using our proprietary water-based cleansing solution, we remove all dirt, grease and contaminants from the surface. In the case of vinyl, we open it up to accept our unique window coating.
  • We then spray paint your windows with our solar-reflective, anti-scratch coating.
  • We remove all masking and finish the look by applying new colour-matching caulking.
  • We do a final clean-up and make sure your property is as clean as it was when our team first arrived!
How to Paint and Renew Aluminum & Vinyl Windows
Remove Old Caulking
Mask & Protect
Light Sanding
Prep with Cleansing Solution
Paint Application
Remove Masking
Apply New Caulking