Doors & Windows

Experience factory quality painting of doors and windows at your home

Our industrial-strength coating allows you to paint rather than replace your—still very functional— doors and windows! We use the same product and technique that we use to paint doors and windows for manufacturers in our painting facility, so the finished product results in the same benefits and the same permanent, factory hard finish as brand-new doors and windows.

Superior solar-reflective pigments and high-traffic scratch-resistance come together to create a finish that won’t peel and that will even outperform the coating on brand-new doors and windows. Formulated with built-in UV-GUARD Technology, our door and window coating deflects harsh UV rays to maintain rich and vibrant colour. For windows, this means being able to paint aluminum and even vinyl windows—a difficult to paint plastic surface—without running into the risk of excessive heat buildup and warping.

Our exclusive coating allows you to paint your doors and windows in a variety of different colours and stay on trend without having to worry about premature fading and discolouration! To top it all off, even if we run into unexpected weather conditions, our mobile spray-booth creates the ideal, controlled factory environment that allows us to paint and renew your front door for a picture-perfect finish!


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