11. Liqua-Wrap


Our Liqua-Wrap™ paint for stucco wraps your home in a breathable, waterproof seal.

Our elastomeric coating wraps your home in a stain-blocking, waterproof seal that repels water and fights the formation of mold and mildew to keep your stucco looking fresh, season after season. Because our coating is strategically optimized for spray application, we can achieve a thick, sag-free, high-build finish in just one cost-effective coat.

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Think of our thick coating as liquid stucco.

Our high-build coating is up to 15 times thicker than premium latex paint. This gives our coating the unique ability to fill, bridge and repair hairline cracks, making them disappear in just one coat. Formulated with no fillers, when our Liqua-Wrap™ coating dries, only the highest quality resins, additives & pigments are left protecting your home for increased performance and longevity.

19. Bridges cracks 1


A paint for stucco that's tough, yet flexible.

With an elongation of 250%, our elastomeric coating is highly flexible and can expand and contract with your stucco during extreme temperature changes. Exceptional flexibility and elastic memory prevent peeling, keep old cracks filled and prevent new ones from forming.

10. Breathability (stucco)


Breathing is a breeze for this elastomeric coating.

Your stucco can absorb moisture, which is why we strategically formulated a paint for stucco that can breathe and let that moisture out. Our coating allows vapour from within the interior of your stucco to evaporate and escape the surface, preventing moisture damage from occurring behind your stucco walls.

6. Cork benefits


Extra texture & insulation for extra worn-out stucco.

For stucco with more noticeable signs of wear & tear, we created an ultra-textured version of our coating. Formulated with a proprietary blend of cork & other natural thermal insulators, our cork coating effortlessly covers up stubborn surface imperfections and can even bridge cracks up to 2.5mm wide. Not only does our cork coating work wonders when it comes to rejuvenating the look of your stucco, natural thermal insulators help insulate your home by absorbing air and slowing down heat transfer.

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