16. polyurethane


A factory-hard finish with high-traffic
scratch resistance

Polyurethanes are a molecular chain of urethanes used when ultra-durability is needed. Formulated with crosslinking technology, our paint for doors and windows boosts the locking or entanglement of the polymer chains. This creates a tight microscopic bond with exceptional abrasion, scratch & scuff resistance to protect your doors & windows from the effects of regular traffic, wind-driven rain & hail. Not to mention, a finish strong enough to handle washing with chemical detergents.

21. Aluminum and PVC windows


Strategically formulated to bond to your
doors & windows

Our door & window coating is strategically formulated to bond to aluminum and even vinyl doors and windows, a slippery and tough-to-paint surface. The combination of our proprietary surface preparation process and coating chemistry result in unparalleled adhesion, delivering a finish that won’t peel or chip.

18. UV resistance


A reflective coating that goes head-to-head
with UV rays

Instead of absorbing heat, our door & window paint is formulated with top-of-the-line solar-reflective pigments that reflect solar radiation to decrease heat build-up. The result? A reflective coating with incredible fade resistance that prevents warping. Now, you can paint your doors and windows in modern colours like black for rich & long lasting colour retention.

window finishes
paint finish2


Boost curb appeal your way with a customized finish

Our door and window coating comes in 3 unique, high-coverage finishes. All finishes result in a beautiful lustre that will make your doors and windows look brand-new, while hiding surface imperfections. Now that's a win-win!

before (4)after (4)
Copy of Black_Noir_525

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Our most popular door and window paint colour

Hands down, it’s gotta be black. Black easily adds modern style to any home, making it a homeowner favorite season after season.

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brand-new siding, doors & windows from a paint lab.

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