Exterior paint with curb appeal built into every drop

Our coatings give you the closest thing to
brand-new siding, doors & windows from a paint lab.

A smarter line of exterior paints for your home

Paint that delivers a real alternative to replacement.

6. Jack of all trades comparison


Instead of trying to do everything, each of our exterior paints excels at one thing.

Stucco requires flexibility, while your aluminum siding requires hardness for long term durability. How can one coating deliver both, effectively? For best results, we strategically formulate an exterior paint for the unique properties of a specific exterior surface. Our goal is to deliver not just durable results that won't peel, but a brand-new looking finish that doesn't look recoated at all. Through customization, we ensure long term performance and a finish that respects the unique beauty and texture of your surface.



More of the good stuff & no fillers in our exterior paint

Having a thick paint is great, but what matters even more is the composition or "stuff" inside of the paint. Premium exterior paints can contain high volume solids, but a portion of those solids are fillers, like sodium bicarbonate (yes, baking soda)! Since they can't actually grip onto the surface, fillers do little to protect your home and simply powder off. Instead, we formulate our exterior paint so that a film of only pigments, binders and additives is left protecting your home.



These ain't no conventional latex paints.

Our exterior paint is formulated for performance, not bulk manufacturing. Since we sell curb appeal and not paint itself, we can invest in the latest coating technology and top-of-the-line ingredients to equip our painters with the premium paint they need to deliver factory-quality results on siding, doors and windows.


  • Acrylic Dispersion
    Our paint for siding is a 100% acrylic resin dispersion that bonds fiercely to aluminum, fiber cement and engineered wood siding. High elasticity allows our acrylic bend expand and contract with siding to prevent peeling, chipping and cracking.
  • Polyurethane
    Polyurethanes are a molecular chain of urethanes used when ultra-durability is needed. Our two-component coating entangles polymer chains to create a tight microscopic bond that can effectively combat UV rays, abrasions and washing season after season.
  • Elastomeric Co-Polymer Emulsion
    Breathability, flexibility, waterproofing and high-build coverage come together to create the ultimate exterior paint for stucco.
  • Silicate Stain
    Our silicate mineral brick stain forms a chemical and mechanical bond with brick to ensure permanent results and natural, breathable finish.
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The benefits of all our exterior paints & coatings

They might be engineered to do different things,
but all of our coatings beautify your home while minimizing the upkeep.

8. Functionality

A durable finish you can safely wash

Our coatings result in a durable finish that can stand up to washing season after season. And because all of our exterior house paints are surfactant-free, you don't have to worry about any sticky residue affecting the paint film after washing with chemical detergents.

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A completely crosslinked finish for factory-quality hardness

The tight interlocking of polymer chains creates an extremely durable finish that won’t peel and has the ability to fight fading, chalking and even surface abrasions caused by wind-driven rain. Instead of a regular paint job, you get a factory finish without all the maintenance.

Superior Protection & Durability

Powerful resistance to keep your home looking brand-new

All of our exterior paints are formulated with advanced solar-reflective technology, water-repellent and stain-blocking abilities and tough resistance to chemical agents to keep your home looking its best.

9. Aesthethics

Exterior paint that makes your surface look brand-new... not repainted.

Each one of our exterior paints is meant to renew and rejuvenate the unique beauty of a surface. While that means stucco will need added texture and siding required a smooth, even finish, what all of our exterior paints have in common is the ability to leave a surface looking it was never recoated at all.

Our complete line of exterior paints & coatings

Beautify your home with one of our high-performance, weather-adjustable paints

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